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AWHB Stories: Got Milk?

Eight million two hundred twelve thousand years from now, ASHITERUUUU~
...Wait, this isn't an Aquarion fic. But I'm feeling the love nonetheless.

(Second of two fics written on the Amaharan Association of Dairy Farmers grant.)

Got Milk?
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              Kaguya’s slumber was disturbed by a series of raps at her door somewhere around 11:00 PM. “…Huh? Who is it?”
              “Kaguya…I had a bad dream…” Haken’s voice emanated from the other side of the door, sounding more childish than usual. “I can’t get back to sleep on my own…can I stay with you tonight?”
              “Liar. You’ve got plenty of good things to be dreaming about.”
              “But I’m serious! There were all these robots and spaceships and guys on motorcycles shooting each other, and I got caught in the crossfire, and then after everyone else blew up, there was this dude in a really tacky licorice-stick looking suit of armor standing over me and he-“
              “All right, all right, I believe you. Get in here.” The door creaked open as Haken entered, clutching a pillow and wearing naught but a T-shirt and a pair of briefs. “But no funny business, this bed’s JUST big enough that we can share without squeezing together.”
              “Awww, but I’m so cold…” Kaguya scooted to one side as Haken set his pillow down and flopped onto the other side of the bed. “…Could you at least kiss me good night?”
              “What do I look like, your mother?”
              “I can only think of one reason you’re not trying to bunk with Aschen instead, and that’s-“
              “It’s because you can’t wake her up once she goes into shutdown mode…though THAT kinda counts too.”
              “Well, if THAT’s the case, then you may as well ask me for what you REALLY want at this time of night…”
              “I thought you said no funny business!”
              “I’m being serious.”
“Well, in that case…” Haken’s voice returned to its usual (yet still playful) baritone. “…I COULD use some warm milk…pleeeeease?”
“…Oh, fine. As long as that’s all, I guess it wouldn’t hurt…”
“That’s all. At least, as long as you’re OK with it being all…”
“We’ll see.” Kaguya rose slightly to unzip her dress partway, letting the cups droop as her ample breasts flopped out. Almost as soon as she was flat on her back again, Haken’s lips planted themselves atop her left nipple, gently sucking. “Gee, you’re quick…and yet, nice and gentle, like that one time Aschen walked you through it…”
The white-haired gunslinger withdrew momentarily. “Wait…are you talking about-“
“I could hear you and her-well, her and ‘Haken-chan’ - through the walls the other night…” Kaguya motioned for Haken to resume his suckling. “…But I guess even ‘Haken-sama’ can be a big baby when it comes to this sort of thing, huh?”
The sides of Haken’s lips curled upward slightly.
“I don’t like that look on your face…but you’re not even bothering to touch me anywhere else…”
He shrugged.
“I never asked, huh…maybe it IS time for a little funny business, after all.” A tap on his forehead prompted Haken to disengage from Kaguya’s mammary. “Undies off. Now.”
“Well, maybe I’m in the mood for some ‘warm milk’ myself.”
“I knew I’d turn you soon enough.”
“Don’t give me that!” She punched him gently in the shoulder as he slipped off his briefs. “Let’s see how YOU like it when I give just the one part of your body my undivided attention.”
“This seems to work out a LOT more in my favor than yours.”
“Well, I can’t exactly get milk out of you the normal way unless I resort to THAT…” As she scooted forward to align with Haken’s waist, Kaguya’s hand drifted to get a feel for his shaft. “Oh, look, even when you were trying SO hard to restrain yourself, you got this big…” Five quivering inches slowly expanded to seven as the princess’s hand squeezed and caressed key points along Haken’s penis.
“K-Kaguya, I…”
“I…I don’t know if I deserve this…”
Keep telling yourself that.” A lick along the member’s length. “You’re SO much cuter when you convince yourself you’re being dirty.”
“It’s not that I’M dirty, just…y’know, the whole ‘you being a princess’ thing…”
“It didn’t stop you the first time, and I’m not letting it stop you now.” Kaguya’s tongue slowly wrapped around the tip of Haken’s member before the rest of her mouth chased after it. Two inches slipped under her lips, then a third…then Kaguya’s head settled on a bobbing motion for a ways on either side of the four-inch mark.
“Unnngh…Kaguya, you’ve got so much of me inside you…It doesn’t hurt, does it?”
She gave a thumbs-down.
“Good…I couldn’t forgive myself if I hurt you, especially if it was while we did these sorts of things…” Kaguya’s bright-eyed stare softened as the scent and taste of Haken’s cock permeated her senses. “You DO know how much more potent this sort of milk is compared to yours, right?”
A thumbs-up. The princess’s head also started rocking further backward, presumably so her tongue could tickle the cowboy’s ‘head’.
“Wait, you’re using your mouth, that shouldn’t be a problem…Ohhh…but it feels so much hotter and fuller now…Do you plan to swallow it?”
No reply.
“Hey, I just asked if you wanted to sw-ahhhhh…” Kaguya resumed her tight bob at the three-inch mark, this time clasping a hand around Haken’s base to pump the portion she couldn’t get down her throat. “Gee, that’s a pretty scary way to answer me…” God, I hope she knows what she’s doing…
Of course she does. She’s doing YOU.
Wait, what the-
Just your future mother-in-law passing through on a full moon miracle, pay me no mind.
Mother-in-la…Ui Nanbu? You ought to be dead!
And YOU ought to be enjoying the blowjob my daughter’s giving you, but who’s keeping track?
Great, as if I have enough problems worrying about what the living might say about us having sex, now the dead are on my case about it, too.
You’re the only one who’s worrying about anything on this whole damn ship right now. Just…have a little faith in Kaguya, is all. She might be more direct about how she shows her love, but hey, it comes from growing up without a mother – something I’m sure YOU’RE familiar with.
Hey, low blow right there.
Low blow right THERE too – try to enjoy it. Ui’s voice exited Haken’s mind as abruptly as it came, snapping him back to reality…the reality that Kaguya had half his penis in her mouth and a hand wrapped around the other half.
The reality that she didn’t factor her status into their love.
…And the fact that the only two who need be concerned about their love were her and him…
“Kaguya…It feels so good to be in you like this…I’m about to…” Her hand pumped even faster along the base of his shaft. “Please, do what you want with my milk…Even as Haken-sama, I want to be…ahhh…AHHHHH!”
Haken’s member tensed up in waves as his load hit the back of Kaguya’s throat in spurts. Five shots, six…seven? Eight? He was never quite used to semi-automatics.
And yet that doe-eyed brightness returned to Kaguya’s eyes as she gulped down every drop. She pulled back ever so slowly, tongue dancing around the tip (and even trying to pry open his urethra for a split second) in case there was one more left in the chamber. There wasn’t, but the shiver coursing through Haken’s body told her he appreciated it nevertheless.
“…What was it you said you wanted to be, Haken-sama?”
“…Yours…the same way I’m yours as Haken-chan…”
“Really, now? But Haken-sama just felt something that Haken-chan hasn’t felt yet…”
“We need to change that, don’t we?”
“Yep. Take your shirt off and get some cold water on you real quick.”
Doffing his last piece of clothing, Haken scrambled into Kaguya’s bathroom to splash some icy tap water on his face…
…When ‘she’ returned to the bed, ‘she’ found Kaguya had finished slipping out of her dress and was swirling a finger around inside her mouth.
Haken-chan, there’s something I want you to taste before we begin.” Kaguya’s finger waved in front of Haken-chan’s mouth, the tip of it coated in not-too-strangely opaque saliva.
“It’s…Haken-sama’s cum…”
“That’s right. How does it smell to you?”
“…It smells a little weird…but I like it. May I?”
“Go ahead. It’s yours, after all.” Haken-chan took Kaguya’s finger into ‘her’ mouth, swishing the droplet of semen around with ‘her’ tongue before gulping. “Did you like it?”
“…It was rather salty…but it felt so good in my mouth…”
“That’s because it was still warm.” An evil grin played across Kaguya’s face. “Now…what does that say about Haken-sama wanting warm milk?”
“…Nothing, really.”
“But it means EVERYTHING to Haken-chan…” ‘She’ squeezed up close to Kaguya. “I’ll do anything that makes you happy, Kaguya…even drink my own man-milk…”
“…Then let’s try doing it backwards.”
“Duh, the reverse of what we just did – this time, I’ll be taking Haken-chan’s milk, then you pour some hot water on yourself and Haken-sama can taste. That way you can enjoy all your juices like the slut you’re so eager to be for me, OK?”
“…All right. Please, enjoy Haken-chan’s milk…and save some for Haken-sama to taste…” Haken-chan started massaging ‘her’ breasts, pushing them forward from underneath to present them to ‘her’ lover.
“Y’know…” Kaguya traced her still-damp finger around Haken-chan’s right areola. “…’W00’ is just ‘M00’ spelled upside down…”
“…I never thought of that. Maybe it’s a sign.”
“A sign of what?”
“Well, Haken-chan is my upside-down self…and if you really want it, I’ll gladly be your cow…” Kaguya’s tongue danced around ‘her’ nipple, forcing out a soft moan.
“Mmmm…yours feels a lot like mine, Haken-chan. I bet the milking process is the same for you, too.”
“Please, touch yourself while I drink your milk…that way, your slutty energy will make it nice and thick and sweet…”
“That…makes sense, sort of.” Haken-chan began caressing ‘her’ folds as Kaguya began sucking on ‘her’ right breast in earnest. “If it feels this good to be milked…aaahhh…then it has to taste good, right?”
Kaguya nodded, shaking the first droplets of Haken-chan’s milk onto her tongue.
“Then I want to give Kaguya the best milk I have… *pant pant* …the milk that can only come from devoting myself to being her cow slut…” ‘She’ moaned as Kaguya’s suction tightened, sliding ‘her’ fingers further into the region whose warmth gave ‘her’ milk its flavor.
As Haken-chan’s ministrations sped up, Kaguya pulled ‘her’ breast upward slightly, letting more of ‘her’ milk course into her mouth…and then squeezed her own right tit between Haken-chan’s pair, nipple staring at ‘her’ startled face.
“What the…you want it, too?”
Kaguya stopped sucking momentarily, sinking her body onto Haken-chan’s. “I…I couldn’t bear to let you wait for Haken-sama to drink your milk…You’re so eager to dedicate yourself to me. I want to reward that right now…”
“If you insist…then I’ll accept that reward…the privilege of serving my Cow Princess.”
“Oh, you want to be my subject now?”
“…It feels so good to serve…and I want my Princess to feel good being served.”
“Don’t worry about that. You’ll be milking me the same way I’m milking you.”
“Right down to your-“
“Yes…I want us to be drinking each other’s sweetest, sluttiest milk…because as a Cow Princess and her most loyal subject, we deserve nothing less from each other…”
Mouths locked onto nipples and hands rubbed across vaginas as Kaguya and Haken-chan began milking each other simultaneously. The latter’s mind was going haywire as ‘she’ lapped up Kaguya’s succulent milk. To have such high standards and yet be absolutely shameless…Kaguya’s really getting into this. And I…I want to get into it, too! I want to be her best lover, her best partner, her best…everything, really!
Good boy…er, I guess ‘girl’ right now.
Ui? I thought you already…never mind, you’re ruining the moment!
It’s also nice to see you can call me on that. But seeing…rather, feeling the two of you getting it on is warming my heart so much…Now that I know I can leave her in your hands, I’ll be passing on now. Let Kaguya know she can call me anytime in the big tree, ‘kay?
I think she already knows. The mental conversation with Ui Nanbu clicked off once again, depositing Haken’s mind back in Haken-chan’s body…wait, what? Wait a minute…I’m thinking like Haken-sama, and yet I can feel Haken-chan’s body! …Wait, why the hell am I referring to them like that in my own reference? They’re both MY body and MY mind…and I want Kaguya to enjoy them both…however she wants them…however she wants ME…
However Kaguya wanted Haken, she wanted him/her BAD, as her other arm moved to join Haken’s own at prodding ‘her’ pussy. Taking the hint, the cow’girl’ started sliding down the princess’s midsection with the arm trapped under her chest, eventually relieving her of the duty of stroking her own clitoris.
Hands inside themselves and each other, lips locked against each other’s nipples, mouths sucking up each other’s milk, the pair spent a happy eternity enjoying the sensations of each other’s bodies before one last pulse of pure pleasure jolted through their midsections and into their breasts, adding untold sweetness to the final gushes of their bodily fluids.
“Mmmm…Haken-chan, that was magical…”
“…More than you could imagine, Kaguya…I’m pretty sure someone up there was watching us and really likes us being together.”
“What, is Suzuka crawling around in the air ducts again?”
“…Further up, Kaguya.”
“Further up? …Oh. OOOOOOOOOH. …Wouldn’t those sort of spirit voyeurs be watching from further DOWN?”
“Perhaps…but whoever’s watching us, I want them to know that we’re the two greatest lovers in the Frontier, and anyone who takes offense to how we express it can suck my…wait, that last part doesn’t work as well when I’m Haken-chan, does it?”
Not really…but I think daring them to kiss your ass is universal.”
“I dunno…the people I currently give permission to kiss my ass might like it too much.”
“Are you saying you’d let me-“
“If you wanted to.”
“…I might later, but right now I’m so tired…”
“Me too, actually…”
Not even bothering to change positions, Kaguya and Haken-chan fell asleep within seconds of each other, nestled in each other’s arms. And with a little nudge from Ui Nanbu’s lingering spirit, they shared a dream of themselves wrapped in such raw, pure bliss that entire worlds stopped what they were doing for a split second in deference to their passion.
…In one of those worlds, Ui’s last thought before her soul was granted Excellen’s Peace was a giddy pondering of what the two would think if they knew it was really possible to spend eternity together.


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