Friday, March 19, 2010

Snips, snails, puppy-dog tails

A long preface for this, since mech fans tend to like the what ifs. At first I was going to do a FemdomRio/ForcedfemmeRyuuto fic on account of that being one of my favorite fantasies. Imagine Rio with her hair down in a jet black with gold work cheongsam resting her high heeled shoes on Ryuuto's back. Mmmm. Then I read LBS' happy Rio/Ryuuto fic and felt kinda bad. Even if Rio with her hair down would have been incredibly hot. So then I was going to write a Carla fic since she is very sexy just in general, but Yuuki is boring and I couldn't think of a pairing with her that didn't descend so far into the depths of crack pairing that I might as well have her get tentacle'd by Alfimi. So! I settled on this: Ouka punishing young Arado for teasing young Seolla a bit too much. Taking place, of course, back when they were in school together.

Ouka was exhausted. She had been training and testing all day. The bizarre experiments always left her worn out physically, and mentally.

"Ouuukkaaaaa!" Seolla collided into Ouka's legs, and griped Ouka's skirt in both hands and buried her face into it while crying.

Grimacing a bit at the mess being made on her clothes Ouka patted Seolla on the head and asked, "Now, now, calm down. What's wrong? You didn't get hurt did you?" Pulling Seolla back a bit so she could examine her, she continued, "You don't seem to be hurt, what happened?"

"It *hic* was *hic* Arado..." Ouka could barely contain her exhausted impatience as Seolla stammered her way through her explanation. Some parts of it was little more than incomprehensible wailing, but the gist of it seemed to be this: Arado had somehow done something that messed up something important to Seolla somehow. At least that's what Ouka thought she had gathered. Seolla had never been the most mentally stable of children so it might just be blown out of proportion, but Ouka felt she might as well approach this seriously. Hand in hand with Seolla, she walked to Arado's room, and opened the door.

"I didn't do nothin'!" an immediate plea of innocence came. That's it. She didn't have time for this and he definitely wasn't going to cooperate. She was tired, frustrated, sweaty, her clothes were dirty, and this was just icing on the cake.

"Seolla. Go watch Lat for me, make sure she's okay." Without waiting for a response Ouka crossed the room and hoisted Arado up by the collar of his shirt, pulling him close. For some reason the look on his face made her feel better. "You and big sis are going to have a talk, okay?" After he nodded, she dropped him roughly to the ground. What's this? Again pleasure shot through her as she saw his pained face. As he was stuggling to get up, she kicked him lightly back down. It wasn't a coincidence, she was enjoying this. "Tell me what you did." Ouka said slowly, as a smile crept across her face.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't-" Arado was cut off as Ouka slammed her foot in his chest, pinning him down to the floor. Ouka marveled at the waves of delight. She had never felt so wonderfully in control of anything in her life. It was a heady, addicting rush.

"I didn't ask for an apology," she murmured, leaning forward and breathing heavily as she ground her heel into his chest. Eyes afire with sadistic delight, she demanded, "Confess."

"I put a frog in her clothes! I'm sorry! I didn't know she'd get that upset!" He rushed out, more frightened of his Ouka than he had ever been. A look of disappointment crossed Ouka's face. That's it? That's all it took? She couldn't let it stop here, not now. She needed more of that feeling. Taking her foot off Arado, she just stood there looking down at him with her hands on her hips. Arado was too afraid to move, or say anything further.

"Not good enough." Arado looked confused at her statement. Ouka picked him up and threw him on the bed. She sat across his chest, his wince sending jolts through her spine. Ah, yes, that's better. "You're pathetic, you know that, right?" She gripped his hair with her right hand and forced him to look at her. "A frog? How worthless." A heat began to build between her legs. "Do you think an apology from a pathetic person like you means anything?" She started instinctively grinding her hips a bit, the hot feeling mounting. "How do you think trash like you can atone for what they've done?" Her clothes felt tight against her skin. "I'm just going to have to punish you and hope you can learn your lesson." Letting go of his hair, she slapped Arado lightly before getting off him. Arado could only gape as she shrugged out of her top, her dark green hair cascading lightly around her shoulders. The School hadn't updated their wardrobe in a while so her lacey black bra strained and struggled to contain her breasts. She didn't bother removing her stockings after she slid her skirt down her legs. Clad in her black underwear and thigh-length stockings she approached Arado again. Glancing at his pants she saw he was already quite erect. "What's this?" she sneered, "Do you enjoy being abused so much? Or is my appearance that arousing to you?" She leaned forward and grabbed him roughly through his pants, "Do you want to see more, hmmm?"

Gasping at her touch, Arado pleaded, "Yes, please...!"

"Do you think I care what garbage like you thinks? You should be grateful I showed you this much." Depsite her words, she continued fondling him violently with one hand while unhooking her bra with the other. Her arm shot forward to hold it against her chest. "Beg for me, and I might let you see it anyway."

"Please! I want to see them!" With that she let it fall away, exposing her chest completely, her nipples were fully erect, and her pale breasts swayed lightly from her leaning over and groping him. Arado reached out to touch them, but she slapped his hand away with annoyance.

"Don't be so presumptuous." She slid his dick out of his pants as haughtily as a person possibly could, before standing upright again. "If you think you can get away with that, I need to be more strict." Lifting up one of her legs sheathed in fabric, she placed her foot on his cock, her big toe poked the head as she slid her foot up and down his shaft with agonizing slowness. Arado gasped and gripped the bed sheets, and Ouka asked in a low voice "Do you want me to go faster?"

"Faster, please! I need it!"

Ouka increased her pace. She felt Arado tense down there repeatedly and said, "Is a foot really enough for you? How pathetic." Her foot got to the top of his shaft as she finished her sentence, and he unleashed a load onto it. Grimacing at the mess, she slid her stocking off, bundled it up and shoved the cum-soaked cloth into his mouth. "Who said you could come? Clean that up for me, I hope you can accomplish even that." Arado could only garble a response and lay there as she stepped one leg out of her panties. Her panties around the leg that was still covered as she began removing the rest of his clothes. She removed the stocking in his mouth and looked at it, then back down at him. He had gotten another erection. She tossed the sock to the ground then said, "At least your mouth is useful." Grinning she got on the bed above his head, and brought her waste down onto his face. "Make sure it is useful again."

Arado gripped her supple thighs as he began to lap up Ouka's juices. She gasped as his tongue probed deep inside, and began to twist and turn against her inner walls. A loam moan came out at his frantic efforts to please her, and she began twisting and pinching her clit with one hand while fondling her breasts with the other. As Ouka hips began bucking into his face she hissed in some air before letting out a sharp yelp and convulsed, flooding Arado's mouth. After she recovered, she slid back across his chest, and removed her remaining stocking. She shoved it in Arado's mouth while muttering "Since you seemed to like the taste of the other so much..."

Ouka fell back onto her back and opened her legs wide. Beckoning to Arado, she murmured, "Let's see if that thing between your legs is as useful as the thing in your mouth." With that, Arado immediately sat up. Without needing any more motivation he drove himself into Ouka with a grunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped them tightly as he bucked his hips faster and faster. Her hands gripped the bedsheets, twisting them until her knuckles turned white. Her green hair was splayed out on his bed as her head tossed and turned to let out her gasps and moans of pleasure. Eventually she let out a long groan as Arado spilt his seed inside her, and collapsed on top of her.

"Oh man, I needed that..." she panted before drifting off to blissful sleep with a warm pleasant feeling between her legs.

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  1. Tagging is spot-on, mate, though I'd have used "Ouka Nagisa" rather than the Japanese order.

    As for indenting, you've probably seen that Blogger can't tab-indent. You'll have to construct the fic in an outside area (i.e. Microsoft Word or equivalent) and copy/paste it in, formatting and all. (For curiosity's sake, I use 10-point Trebuchet MS for my fics in their OpenOffice and Google Docs forms, then upsize to 12-point by selecting the text copied into Blogger and change it from "Smaller" to "Normal". Titles are 16-point Trebuchet with italics.)