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AWHB Stories: Second Movement

(for lack of actually relevant Gundam Wing pics, since /m/ never posts them)

Second Movement
An adult Gundam Wing fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              “Heero…hey, Heero, wake up.” Relena Peacecraft nudged her bodyguard-cum-boyfriend’s shoulder as she tossed the covers off herself.
              “It’s almost eight and I’ve got a meeting at eleven, this is no time for you to be sleeping in…since when DID you start sleeping in, anyway?”
              Heero Yuy’s face turned toward the Vice Minister, serious as ever. “…Do you REALLY want to know?”
              “Well, normally it’s you waking ME up. What happened to your biological clock?”
              “Funny you should mention that…” The former Gundam pilot wriggled out of the covers and dug a hand under the elastic of his briefs. “I actually woke up at six as planned, but then I found…”
              Relena gasped as Heero exposed his organ…rather, ‘her’ organ.
              “I’ve spent the last two hours wondering how the hell I have one of THESE. So far I’ve narrowed it down to several things from last night’s dinner and one of the beers from that case Duo sent last week.”
              “Might be a little of both…let that be a lesson to you, Heero, don’t drink sight unseen or you’ll turn into – huh, I’m not sure what to call you, exactly.” Relena’s gaze danced up and down the genderflipped Heero’s body – aside from the new plumbing, ‘her’ physique was completely unchanged. Good thing body hair never really caught on for him…er, her.
              “Ummm…thinking about how the Internet would break this down…I believe ‘Reverse Trap’ and ‘Cuntboy’ are the most applicable terms.”
              “I was thinking more along the lines of…’Breakfast.’” Relena pounced.
              “Hey, what the-“
              Oh, COME on…you’ve been so uptight lately…OK, more like forever.”
              “It’s…part of my mission…”
              “Well, the mission’s changed. And I think, even as late as we already are, there’s enough time for me to introduce the new parameters to you.” The woman tossed her nightgown to the wayside.
              “This is…unbecoming of you, Relena. I mean, I don’t remember you ever really thinking about sex like this…”
              “Well, up until a year or so ago, I was too busy worrying about being stuck as someone else’s pawn in that little war you and your friends stirred up. But now I’ve got control over my life – a cushy job, a man under my thumb…well, OK, maybe THAT part’s changed.” She poked at the little man in Heero’s new boat, eliciting a slightly squeaky gasp.
              “Relena…if I had woken up this morning and still had my normal ‘equipment’…would you be doing this?”
              “…I might’ve waited until this weekend.”
              “Heh…so you were already planning to change things around. If that’s the case, you can go ahead and tell me my new mission.”
              “All right…your mission is to continue providing your services to Vice Minister Relena Darlian…as her lover.”
              “…Mission Accepted.” They kissed, Relena squeezing her bust into Heero’s still-masculine chest.
              “Now what about YOU? I’ve had to make all the first moves when it comes to romance…was it cold feet or do you just not think about doing it, ever?”
              “…Mostly the latter.”
              “They say the average man has some sort of sexual thought once every seven minutes.”
              “I’m not exactly the average man.”
              “Right now, you’re not really the average ANYTHING.” Relena’s hips pressed against Heero’s. “…Then again, I’m not looking for average.”
              “Then what ARE you looking for?”
              “…Let’s start at ‘Perfect’ and haggle our way out.” The noblewoman began grinding, getting another moan out of Heero as their folds pressed into each other. His voice hasn’t changed a bit…That’ll be interesting once he hits her limit. Also, note to self: settle on which set of gender pronouns to use.
              “Ah, Relena…something about you being this close to me…” Though the pitch hadn’t changed, Heero’s voice was starting to come out more breathy.
              “Would you like me to…stay this close?”
              “Please…” Their embrace tightened, Heero gasping for air as Relena’s body brushed against ‘hers’. Somewhere in the mix, a hand moved in to escalate the stimulation, only for both lovers to cry out as their vaginas rubbed against it simultaneously.
              “Aaaaahhhh…more…want more…”
              “M-me too…you do mine and I’ll do yours, OK?”
              “A-all right…” A second hand entered the fracas – Heero and Relena’s bodies slid against each other as each began fingering their opposite. “God, this is so…Ahh…so good…”
              “I know…I can’t believe…I put this off for so long…”
              “If you keep this up…my whole body’s going to burn up…”
              “I was gonna say…the same thing…”
              The moans from their concurrent orgasms were somehow BOTH remarkably feminine.


              “WHAT THE HELL?” Heero’s voice resounded over the pitter-patter of the shower.
              “What happened?” Relena shook off the afterglow, stumbling toward the bathroom.
              “My…my penis is back, somehow!”
              “You using hot water in there?”
              “So it’s just like from that one anime, then? That’s great!”
              “That’s what I thought too, but…I’ve still got THAT, even with my dick back where it ought to be…”
              Relena’s jaw dropped. The other Preventers were going to have a field day with THIS…


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