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AWHB Stories: Overdrive All

(WARNING! This fic is a direct continuation of "Error 00x07." Preview pic chosen does not guarantee any implications about the pairings featured OR the status of Haken's genitals.)

Overdrive All
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              “Good to see you girls…”
              Kaguya and Suzuka’s minds raced to process the image their eyes were taking in.
              “Making love to all of you…”
              A decidedly male Haken stood in front of them, clad in Aschen’s clothes rather than his own, and yet he exuded the same ferocious confidence normally reserved for battle.
              “…is also part of my job.”
              The water bottle he held over his head tipped, pouring the icy liquid onto his body and transforming it into a much more suitable form for the W-Series Suit he…well, right now, ‘she’ was wearing.
              “Haken-sama…er, Haken-chan, what in the world-“
              “I could hear you out in the hall, Kaguya. If you wanted to join in, you should’ve just asked.”
              “And I did, but…I just didn’t expect Haken-sama to be doing THOSE sorts of things…”
              “…Well, neither did I. And quit talking about ‘Haken-sama’ and ‘Haken-chan’ like they’re two different people, because they’re not. I’m just me…and I want all of you to take me however you’d like…”
              “OK, what’s this ‘all of you’ business?” Suzuka interjected. “The only two you’ve been canoodling with are the cow and the karakuri.”
              “Well, you always seemed to be watching from in the air ducts or otherwise behind the scenes…I just wanted to imply that the offer was open to you, too.”
              “I…I don’t know what to say…”
              “Well, I do, and I say you ought to take it.” Kaguya tugged on the sleeve of Suzuka’s coat, trying to yank it off her arm. “You haven’t LIVED until you’ve let Haken-cha…er, Haken service you.”
              “Well, you DID teach me everything I know…except maybe a couple things only a mother would know.” Haken winked at Aschen, snapping her to attention.
              “Kaguya’s right about this proposition, Suzuka – and you might even want to consider it for your health. Your baseline adrenaline’s gone up over these past couple of weeks, and I’m pretty sure it’s from being near all the sex we’ve been having without actually taking part. If you keep detaching yourself from us like this…”
              “Oh-hohohohoho, is that it?” Swatting away Kaguya’s hand, Suzuka finished wriggling out of her jacket herself and began casting away the rest of her garb. “Well, I guess if it’s for my health…I mean, there’s hardly that much room on this ship for me to dance, and I gotta exercise SOMEHOW, right?”
              “That’s the spirit, Suzuka!” Kaguya began slipping out of her clothes as well. “C’mon, you’ve been teasing everyone with your hips for so long…show us what you can REALLY do with ‘em!”
              “My hips, eh? Well, I had ONE thing in mind…” Suzuka reached forward to squeeze Haken’s bust just above the armored cups of ‘her’ top. “…but this just won’t do!”
              “Yeah, sorry about that…I just finished going two rounds with Aschen, which pretty much means my guy parts are spending the rest of the day in for repairs…”
              “Well, then, I’ll just have to find something ELSE to grind against…But first, it just isn’t fair that you’re the only one of us still wearing anything.” A hand slipped behind Haken’s back, fumbling for the clasps for the suit top.
              “Kaguya…will you be assisting Suzuka?”
              “I was thinking about it, but…” The busty princess put a hand on the gynoid’s shoulder. “We’ve both already had him and/or her all to ourselves, it’s only fair that she get to, too.”
              “So I guess, in the meantime…”
              “I’d like to get to better know the woman who raised Haken to be such a fine gentleman…and helped me turn him into such a STUNNING lady.” She pulled Aschen in for a French kiss, savoring the mildly electric taste of the emerald-haired woman’s tongue dancing against her own.


              Stripped out of the W-Series Suit, Haken gasped as Suzuka’s almost nonexistent chest pressed up against ‘her’ own. “I’ll let you in on a little secret…I’m actually more into guys about your size than guys like Shuten.”
              “Shuten…isn’t he everything you’d want in a man? Big, strong, knows when and where to pick a fight…”
              “You’ve seen how ripped he is, right? How bleedin’ gigantic he is, even compared to most Oni…”
              “He’s like that down THERE, too…and not in a good way. The first time we tried it, my pelvis damn near shattered from his width – couldn’t dance for days.”
              “Oh, so when you say you like guys more my size, you mean-“
              “Yeah. I’d MUCH prefer a man I can roll around comfortably in there…but sadly, right now you’re all woman…”
              “I think I’ve still got something you can grind on…” Haken let ‘her’ knees buckle as ‘she’ gently smooched Suzuka, then licked a clean line from her sternum on down, whirling ‘her’ tongue inside the Shiki-Oni’s belly before…
              “Oh-hohoho…haaah…even just against that little button, I can’t help but…” Suzuka’s waist shook forward, shaking the rest of her vagina against Haken’s tongue before recoiling back, letting her clit rest once again on ‘her’ tip.
              “So what do you think? It’s not quite as long, but…”
              “I think as long as you lie down, it’ll do just fine.” Haken obliged, letting Suzuka get on her knees before positioning ‘her’ mouth below the princess’s rather petite mound. “OK, once I start, you’re not gonna be able to say much, so if there’s anything special you’d like, tell me now.”
              “Ca…can I…feel myself while I lick you?”
              “Sure, why not? Just remember – I won’t be stopping until I’m satisfied as well.”
              “I…wouldn’t have it any other way…” Haken’s left hand slipped between Suzuka’s legs, preparing to touch ‘her’self as the demoness lowered her crotch onto ‘her’ lips. Smells so…so… Failing to find the right words for Suzuka’s scent, ‘she’ moved to evaluate her taste.
              “Mmmm…put your tongue deep inside…I want it as far in as you can…” The rest of Haken’s mouth muscles strained to fulfill her request, only managing to poke a centimeter or so into Suzuka’s birth canal. “Aww, so close…but it’s alright. Relax and concentrate on my slit…just digging into that outer layer can make me…”
              Phew, that’s a good sign…I guess if you wind up feeling pain when you make love, you’re more likely to make sure others don’t. Haken’s face muscles stopped tensing as ‘she’ let ‘her’ tongue prod at the exterior features of Suzuka’s pussy…
              …Then the Oni’s hips started rocking. Suzuka pressed further down against ‘her’ tongue, letting it catch against the rims of her birth canal and urethra as her clit gently pressed against ‘her’ nose. “Unnh…this feeling of being against someone just my size…even with just your tongue, it’s so good!”
              I’m so glad to hear that… Haken’s left hand began stroking ‘her’ own mound in time with Suzuka’s thrusts as ‘her’ right clasped onto her thigh. Please…deeper…I want to breathe the air in your lips…
              As if reading Haken’s mind, Suzuka started grinding deeper, enveloping ‘her’ mouth and nostrils in the yet-indescribable aroma of her nethers.
              This smell…this taste…it’s like the others’, but…there’s something all its own about Suzuka’s… about…
              “Hmm?” Startled by the muffled noise, Suzuka raised herself slightly.
              “Huh? You want me to be your sister?”
              Haken nodded.
              “That’d be rather…interesting…can’t be any stranger than calling a karakuri your mother, though, so what the hell.”
              “Onee-sama…I love the warm air in your pussy…It’s making me so wet as I breathe in…”
              “Oho, we might be finishing off together after all…” Suzuka lowered herself back over Haken’s mouth and resumed bucking her hips. “Go ahead, then…take a deep breath from your big sister’s pussy…touch yourself as its perverted warmth courses through your body…”
              Mouth and nose thoroughly dug inside Suzuka’s labia, Haken was already complying, fingers digging deeper into ‘her’ vagina as ‘she’ took in the air surrounding the Oni’s own. Exhaling slowly into Suzuka’s holes brought the shock ‘she’ was looking for, as her hips jerked slightly against the arm ‘she’ offered for stability previously.
              “Ohhh…you’re breathing INTO me as well as FROM me…At this rate, I won’t even need…anything solid…to fill me up…” Suzuka’s hips shook even faster, rising a bit so Haken’s head could move to compensate. “Keep breathing that slutty air…so I can come from my sister filling me with her breath…”
              I will…Onee-sama… ‘She’ started blowing more sharply into Suzuka as ‘her’ own breathing quickened from ‘her’ own masturbation, sending more and more pleasurable ripples up Suzuka’s body. So close…I hope you come soon, Onee-sama…so we can both come as sisters…
              Haken got ‘her’ wish seconds later, the juices from Suzuka’s climax dripping onto ‘her’ face as ‘her’ own orgasm pushed ‘her’ face and mouth further into the Oni’s folds to lap them up.
              “Your tongue is still…even after you already…you’ll take ANYTHING from your sister’s pussy, won’t you?”
              Haken nodded happily as ‘she’ continued licking up Suzuka’s honey.


              Kaguya’s fingers danced up and down Aschen’s spine as the two embraced, the princess’s fabled bust pressed against the gynoid’s own respectable chest. “So why mother and child and not siblings, hmm?”
              “I asked HIM about that the other day…he said it was because ‘she’ was still so young…”
              “Sounds about right for him. But I wonder…if I was the first one to actually see Haken’s girl form, then why didn’t he latch onto ME instead?”
              Aschen brushed away a couple of Kaguya’s frayed ends. “Maybe it’s because…you’d already been given a place in his heart.”
              “Oh? Well, there WAS that first time after the worlds came back together…”
              “…And the dozen or so after you came back to the Zeit, claiming you were ‘resuming’ your pilgrimage across the worlds.” A teasing pang as Aschen pinched Kaguya’s ass. “He can’t resist you, and you know it. Hell, I’m finding it rather useless to try, myself.”
              “I…I’ve never done it with a karakuri before…”
              “It’s really a lot more organic than you’d think.” It was Aschen’s turn to kiss Kaguya this time.
              “…That definitely felt like a human’s kiss…”
              “JUST a human’s? Nobody on the Frontier defines themselves simply by their race…”
              “Well, if you insist…” Their lips locked once more. “Hmmm…now I’ve got a pretty good idea how that felt.”
              “Care to tell me?”
              “…Like a mother’s.”
              “Gee, this sounds familiar.”
              “Oh, come on, I’m almost in the same boat as Haken…except I wasn’t found on a spaceship or anything.”
              “…I’ll grant you that, considering exactly what it was that we kidnapped you from that one time.”
              “Enough about the past…” Kaguya tugged on the small of Aschen’s back, making her arch backwards just enough that a hand could be planted on her breast. “I’m seeing some VERY good things in my immediate future…For example, I’m gonna LOVE having you as a mother-in-law…”
              Kaguya’s hand began kneading, causing Aschen’s eyelids to flutter as the sensation of her fingers coursed through the robot’s body. “Mmmm…I wonder who taught you how much pressure to use for this…”
              “Think I picked up a little bit from everyone. After all, a princess needs to know her people in order to properly serve them…” She leaned in, licking gingerly at Aschen’s nipple.
              “Ahhhh…you definitely know how to serve a woman…” The green-haired woman’s hand drifted between their midsections. “Would you care to…be served in return?”
              “I’d…like that very much…” Kaguya’s eyes went wide as Aschen’s fingers started massaging her slit. “Aaahh…I think we ought to be lying down for this…”
              “…Do you have a position in mind?”
              “It’d be nice if we could…serve each other at the same time…”
              “69, then? I’ll let you top.”
              “I’d be honored.” Aschen got on the floor, spreading her legs slightly as Kaguya followed after her, balancing herself such that her own body wouldn’t crush the gynoid’s. “Yours definitely looks human…” Kaguya’s hand took to teasing Aschen’s mound.
              “Yours definitely looks wet…” The android returned the favor.
              “Aaaah! This pressure on my pussy…just like Haken’s…” Determined to one-up her partner, Kaguya slipped a pair of fingers inside Aschen’s folds.
              “You’re one to talk…your fingers feel just like when we just…” Two of Aschen’s digits slipped into the princess’s glistening vagina to match.
              “Guwaaah! So good…”
              “So…are yours…”
              Almost a minute of similarly moaned platitudes and shared sensations passed before Kaguya once again broke the stalemate. “I can’t…bear it…please, drink me…” Tears of joy welled in Kaguya’s eyes as she withdrew her fingers from Aschen’s insides, replacing them with her tongue.
              The emerald-haired android’s own eyes began to fog up as she complied, shutting tightly as her focus locked onto two points: her stimulus of Kaguya, and the pleasure from Kaguya’s identical ministrations.
              Silence filled the next minute or so of their lovemaking, as the only things that needed to be communicated were said perfectly with their mutual cunnilingus. Aschen was happy that her ‘son’ was in (and making) love with such a zealous partner, and Kaguya was happy that her future spouse’s sexual appetite was something that ran in the family.
              Even their simultaneous orgasms were surprisingly silent, as the two were too busy drinking each other’s fluids to moan or talk dirty…after all, Haken and Suzuka were practically right next to them and definitely had volume covered.


              Suzuka was the first to speak as the four finished catching their breath. “So, exactly how often does this harem convene, again?”
              Kaguya giggled. “Haken, you’re the LAST person I could think of who’d be shocked to have a harem.”
              “It’s totally NOT a harem! At least, it’s not MINE…that’d imply I had any semblance of control over which one of you fucked me, or each other, and when.”
              “Hmm…you’re right. It’s Kaguya’s harem, then.”
              Haken pointed a finger in the air. “Well, you ARE the one who hit me with the Spring of Drowned Girl Curse, which is more or less the reason we’ve been having sex THIS often rather than just once a week or so.”
              “Yeah, but I did the least work in turning you into such a loopy submissive! If anything, it’s Aschen’s harem on those grounds.”
              Pfft, please. I can’t take credit for Haken jumping to conclusions about how to better be your soulmate. And I’m definitely NOT taking command of this harem.”
              “Well, I can’t do it either, on grounds of seniority.”
              Kaguya tapped her chin. “A harem without an owner…is such a thing even possible?”
              “Nobody’s owning anybody, all right?” Haken crossed ‘her’ arms. “Everyone seems to have objections to being in charge of a harem. Thus, we can’t call it a harem. …Besides, in my book, there have to be at least six members.”
              Kaguya chucked one of the pillows from Aschen’s bed at Haken. “And who exactly did you have in mind for the other two? Marion and Lee?”
              “Reiji and Xiaomu?”
              “KOS-MOS and T-elos?”
              “Two of those Einst clones of me?”
              “Hey, you already guessed!” Aschen grabbed the second pillow off her cot and chucked it at Kaguya.
              “Ladies, please!” All eyes were on Haken. “…There’s hardly enough ammunition in here for a pillow fight! All in favor of adjourning to my room?”
              “Motion carries. Suzuka, Aschen, you get a ten-second head start.”
              With that, the totally-not-harem beelined for Haken’s room, and the play and passion of the night ahead.


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