Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mamoru x Swan by Shotius Maximus

(HAKEN'S NOTE: All the ALL CAPS in the following fic? That's Swan speaking Engrish.)

"That boy is here again..." Swan White thought as Mamoru strode into the Gutsy Geoid Guard HQ, looking all the world as if he were just on a school field trip. Sparkling eyes filled with boyish wonder passed over the entire building, taking in every detail he could in as quick a time as possible while the fun-loving Dr. Shishio showed him around. Swan felt goosebumps as Mamoru's look passed over and didn't stop for a beat. Most men's gazes linger on her shapely thighs, and freeze at the sight of her bosom. She couldn't admit to disliking the attention, but this child's innocence provoked a strange desire in her. Every time he visited she found herself being more shameless than the last around him, bending over from some spilled papers here, unbuttoning her shirt there. Taiga, misinterpreting her intentions, has gotten a little bolder with groping, but since all that has resulted in is an increase in pay she didn't mind much.

Always serious when it came to important stuff, Dr. Shishio jumped at an alert that was calling for his attention. Apologizing to Mamoru he turned to Swan, "Could you please finish showing him around? I'm afraid this can't wait."

 Without waiting for a response Dr. Shishio flew off in a hurry, leaving an undeterred Mamoru behind. Swan stood up, smoothed out her skirt, and leaned over to look Mamoru right in the face. Mamoru's gaze didn't stir one inch as he got a worried look on his face and said, "Um, Ms. White, before we get started can you show me to the bathroom?"
It was an effort not to lick her lips as she responded with "OH NO! Mamoru! Follow me!" Grabbing his hand, she drug him off to the restroom area. Mamoru turned around, equal parts slightly confused and embarassed when she followed him in. "Um, I'm old enough to go by myself now, so it is okay. Also isn't this a private building?"
"Mamoru! Don't be embarassed! Dr. Shishio told me to keep you safe!" A twinge passed through her groin at his shy look, and his eventual acceptance. Pants around his ankles, and casting furtive glances at Swan, Mamoru started peeing. Swan's breath quickened at the sight of his penis, her eyes became glazed with an instinctual hunger and her left hand started rubbing a lazy circle on her thigh. As Mamoru finished up she interrupted with "OH NO! Mamoru! You aren't done yet!"

A confused look crossed his face. "You have to get the rest out!" Swan said, walking over and grabbing his young cock. Rubbing it in her palm gently, her other hand was still rubbing her thigh. Swan could hardly breath, her clothes felt so tight. Directly above him now, Mamoru could barely see her face past her rack, her nipples poking out gently from her shirt. "Wha-what are you doing? It feels strange..." Mamoru panted. Swan bent over to get a better look at his flushed face, her arms pressing her breasts together further. Looking him in the eye, she admonished, "Mamoru! You must finish!" Surprise and puzzlement crossed Mamoru's face as he began to harden in her right hand, her left hand slid under her skirt and began lightly touching her soaking panties before it stopped and was brought up behind Mamoru's head suddenly. "What are y-" Mamoru was cut off as Swan kissed him violently, plunging her tongue down his boyish throat. Mamoru made a whimper and started kissing back as her left hand ran down his back and grabbed his bare ass. Stepping back, and shrugging out of her top, she said "OH MY GOD! I can't hold back anymore!"

Mamoru stood there confused, with all three inches of his erect dick standing tall as Swan took of her clothing, her panties soaked as she slid them down her legs. Stepping out of them she grabbed Mamoru and pushed him against the bathroom wall. Her knees bending, she wrapped both arms around his back and head as she violated his mouth with her tongue again. He whimpered as her breasts smothered his chest, and his whimpers turned to moans when she pulled him down backwards. The tip of his penis was rubbing the bottoms of her massive breasts and was pressed against her stomach as she held him against her. Mamoru started bucking his hips slightly, when Swan felt the hot and slick precum making his cock slide against her skin more smoothly she pulled his head up. His eyes were completely glazed over now, automatically humping her stomach, she pushed his head down into her chest. His burning rod missed her hungry mouth, and slid up it, against the front of her thighs, along the side of it, and at last inside. "OH MY GOD! YES!" Swan said as Mamoru began sucking at her nipples hungrily as his hips made his shaft go wild inside her. Quickly, with a grunt, Mamoru released his infantile seed inside her. Grinding against him, Swan forced his dick to stiffness again in mere moments, Swan's nails raked his back and he came again almost immediately. Swan barely noticed and kept humping him.

"OH NO! Mamoru! More!" exclaimed Swan worriedly, the warm mess inside of her wasn't nearly enough to satisfy her. She began to fear for the worst when Mamoru began to move more and more sluggishly, but then suddenly his eyes popped open, and he began to glow green while chanting ominously, "PHALLUS, MALIOR, MAGNUS MAIOR, MAXIMUS" Swan's eyes shot open as his dick swelled inside, and couldn't hold back a moan of pleasure as the boy's technique improved as if with thousands of years of experience. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her bosom heaved into the air as her back arched and she reached a more powerful climax than she could had ever have expected. Her legs were pulled apart while she was in a daze. Suddenly she felt Mamoru grab her head and prod her cheek with his now much larger dick. With cold green eyes and a commanding voice he said, "I finished you, now you need to finish me."

Swan was shocked as he forced his cock into her face while grabbing her head with both hands, and started fucking her face. She could only stare into Mamoru's uncaring eyes as he pounded at her mouth and was horrified to feel her desire mounting again. Her right hand slid between her thighs almost out of its own volition, and she began to finger herself through the wet mess. Her left hand cupped his tiny balls and she began to suck earnestly, needing to satisfy him. She shuddered as she came again, while Mamoru was sliding his rod out of her mouth. As the spasms wracked her body, Mamoru drew his rod out of her mouth, and slid it up the side of her face. A messy load was blown into her gold hair, and a stream of thick, slick, semen started dripping down her face. The glowing fading, she could only stare in a gaze as Mamoru fell into her lap, deeply asleep, and completely naked. She smiled and ruffled his hair before opening her eyes in shock and exclaiming, "OH NO! How am I supposed to clean this up?!"

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