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AWHB Stories: InDesu Prophecy

Trying my hand at writing for this universe once again...

(HAKEN'S NOTE: Title will only be punny to Americans. Y'see, international readers, you guys have a PS2 game called Fahrenheit, but we had to rename it to "Indigo Prophecy" so it wouldn't be confused with a similarly titled steaming liberal conspiratorial turd.)

InDesu Prophecy
An adult Super Robot Wars Quest fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              "Wait, Arado...What were you doing in my closet?"
              "Er....I climbed in through the air vents, and I was going to just wait in the middle of the room for you, but I didn't want to risk that Echidna lady seeing me."
              "Oh, right...And why are you fiddling with the string of my dress?"
              "That string is just decorative. THIS one opens my bodice."
              "Oh...ok then..."
              Katina Tarask was having one of THOSE days.
              Just to start off, she’d become reacquainted with the man currently removing her dress and running his fingers up and down her body: fellow ex-School trainee Arado Balanga. Then, following a skirmish with the EFA, she’d stumbled upon another of their number, Seolla Schweitzer, among the prisoners taken.
              The reunion, however, had not been kind. Seolla had become incorrigible about her need for personal space and being detached from her equally maladjusted superior officer Ouka. Latooni had given Katina carte blanche to use her “unique” method of interrogation, only for it to backfire on the precipice of violence. And Arado…
              Arado’s hands said all that was necessary on the matter as his left took to rubbing at the Adam’s Apple Katina had crushed herself several years prior.
              “Arado, does any of this…feel wrong to you?”
              “Any of what?”
              “Well, damn near everything…but right now, I just mean us doing it while you’re…well…”
              “…Yeah. I mean, even with the Cells, I-“
              “I’m still me, right?”
              Katina’s hands slid along Arado’s spine. “You sure feel like it.”
              “I think…as long as I know I’m still me, I count as alive.”
              “That…works, I guess.” Katina fell onto the cot (surprisingly soft for one in a ship’s brig, part of her had noted earlier), green and purple eyes gazing at her pale-skinned partner. “Well, you can see mine…I gotta see yours.”
              Arado glanced down, realizing he’d yet to remove his pants. “Huh…I guess you do. But…”
              “But what?”
              “This is the first time since I’ve…come back. I’m not 100% sure everything’s still in working order, to be honest.”
              “What? But surely you’d have done SOMETHING today that’d give you the chance to check.”
              “Hadn’t had the chance to use the can, hadn’t had the chance to eat anything that’d make me go…look, even IF everything’s as it should be, it’s still not exactly living flesh.”
              “…I don’t mind.” Growing impatient with this train of thought, Katina rose to unbuckle the reanimated boy’s trousers herself. “Because…it’s still YOU, Arado…and that’s all I really wanted…”
              The pants slipped off. Arado’s hand rubbed his neck again.
              “Huh, there’s SOMETHING there after all.” The blonde poked at the bulge in his briefs. “I sure hope this isn’t all that’s left…”
              Arado shuddered as his brain registered the taps to his member. “Believe me…it isn’t.”
              “And you were so unsure of yourself a moment ago, too…” Depantsing Arado fully, Katina returned to reclining on the mattress, eyes locked on the zombie as he asserted himself at six inches. “Oooh, that’ll do nicely. Probably should’ve left you in another year or so, but hey, I was young and stupid.”
              “…At least you’re not young any more.”
              “Oh, for…just put it in already, would you?” Katina’s hand spread herself open, beckoning Arado as he climbed on top.
              “All right…” He nudged inward.
              “Something wrong?”
              “I dunno…something just…feels colder than I think it should…”
              “No, it feels real…just not all that warm, is all.”
              “Ah. So now what?”
              Katina grinned. “I’ll just have to work up enough body heat for two, then.” Her hips started bucking in time with Arado’s, the organs connecting their bodies furiously grinding until…
              *zzt* “Gaaah!”
              “Oh God, Katina, what’s wrong?”
              “I…didn’t know you could get static down there…” Her arms pulled his chest closer. “But I…that little hint of pain…”
              “Oh, great, now next time we’re gonna need jumper cab-“
              “Not that, Arado. Just…please…make it hurt just a little…”
              “That I can do.” The cyber-ized teen resumed his thrusts, taking care to bear on a different portion of Katina’s walls with every re-entry into her birth canal.
              “Haaah…Arado…so good…keep goi-AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She threw her head back as Arado’s tip nudged against her cervix.
              “Did you just-“
              “No, but if you keep going so deep…” Arado began to standardize his movements once more, duplicating the angle that put him at Katina’s innermost gate. “What about – ahhh – you? How close – unnnh – are you to…”
              “It’s like I…just now realized it was there…”
              “Let it all out…inside me…”
              “But I’m not using-“
              “Can’t exactly…let anyone see it…right?”
              Arado’s eyes went wide from the realization. Then they went wider from Katina’s hands closing around his throat once more.
              Then they shut tightly as her lips met his, her tongue mimicking the gentle stroking motions her fingers were assuming.
              But even THAT sudden increase of sensory load wasn’t quite what triggered Arado’s orgasm. Something about being close to Katina gave him a taste of her pain, and of the jolts of her pleasure – in short, his own medicine. But as the last drops of his seed spurted out, doubt returned to his face as more of her mind opened itself…just a few hours ago and their reunion with Seolla was enough to…
              “You don’t look like you enjoyed that.”
              “I’m not sure. It’s like, first I did, but as it went on, something just…”
              “Did I accidentally trigger one of THOSE flashbacks?”
              “…Sort of. But it was more…I couldn’t stand to feel that pleasure, knowing you hadn’t…”
              “…Do you still feel alive?”
              “Yeah. …Wait, why do you ask?”
              “Just making sure it’s all right for us to keep on living.” Both sets of Katina’s lips moved to take Arado in once more.


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