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AWHB Stories: Daedalus Maneuver

(Admittedly, it's got more to do with the Greek guy who escaped the Labyrinth than a Macross ramming into something and unloading its Destroid contingent, but whatever.)

Daedalus Maneuver
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              Another day in Formido Heim, another successful Orchestral Army operation for Kyon Feulion. The bright-eyed witch whooshed into her commanding officer’s office, one hand clutching Bronte-kun’s trigger-throttle and the other waving a small stack of papers. “Henne-sempai, you’ll never believe how awesome today’s mission turned out!”
              Henne Valkyria took the sheets from Kyon’s hand, poring over the reports. “My, my, looks like you’ve grown more powerful as a Sweeper than I expected! What’s this…you managed to pull it off with one-third the expected friendly casualties and four times the projected enemies dispatched? That certainly explains why your client sent in double the commission for this little skirmish…”
              “Oh, don’t flatter me, sempai…” Kyon began unfastening the buckles on her teddie. “…After all, I’ve been SUCH a naughty witch today…”
              “Kyon…Before you start taking things off…”
              “Oh?” The girl blushed in confusion, butt still jutting towards Henne.
              “I think today’s success calls for a very special ‘debriefing.’ Remember when you asked me if I wanted to ride Bronte-kun?”
              That was just last week, so yeah.”
              “Well, that interference run we did for Miss Sirena’s little charter line on Tuesday got me thinking…”
              “You booked a ‘Waves of Passion’ dive?”
              “Even better…I’ve come up with something that’ll leave you just as breathless, without the danger of you actually being left breathless. And the best part is…it’s something only the two of us can do.”
              “Sempai, you don’t mean-“
              “Yes…we’re going to do our own dive this afternoon…UPWARDS.”

[Ten minutes later, on the Northwest Olitoria balcony…]

              “So tell me again how this is gonna work, sempai?”
              Henne stretched her arms as Kyon braced both of her hands onto Bronte-kun’s shaft. “Simple, really. We each fly up to about 12,000 feet, then meet up, ditch our clothes, and then you shift Bronte-kun into its two-rider mode and we both ride him all the way down.”
              “…I notice you didn’t say anything about us retrieving our clothes, sempai.”
              “That’s sort of why I told you to dress in something disposable.” Henne eyed the witch, who’d taken the advice rather well – the accoutrements of her usual garb had been replaced with a T-shirt and simple panties.
              “Yeah, but…wouldn’t someone get curious about clothes just falling out of the sky?”
              “Eh, let ‘em. And if anyone winds up seeing US, I’ll just explain it as a test of our new HALO insertion program.”
              “HALO jump? But, we’re not angels…” Kyon’s tail swished from the dip it’d dug into her panties’ waist, as if to punctuate this.
              “Officially it stands for ‘High Altitude, Low Opening.’ But you can probably guess what the O REALLY stands for.”
              Kyon stifled a giggle as she glanced at the bird-woman, herself clad in naught but a black thong and a tank top that had been halfway mutilated to accommodate her wings. “Sempai…have I ever told you how beautiful you look out of uniform?”
              “I expect you’ll find me absolutely STUNNING when I’m out of…well, everything.” Henne’s wings flapped to life, startling Kyon as she nearly caught a face full of feathers. “Now buck up, soldier, we’ve got love to make!”
              The witch saluted as Henne leapt off the balcony, outstretched wings catching an updraft and giving her an impressive view of her backside. “Ma’am, yes ma’am!” Hand returning to the Bronte Broom’s throttle, Kyon kicked off in pursuit.

[En route to target height…]

              Kyon spent much of the ascent in awe as she trailed behind Henne, admiring her wistful trajectory as she continued to glide upward with the prevailing air current. This is a side of sempai I’ve never seen before…it’s as if the wind itself is making love to her as she flies…and the way she’s twisting her body just so with every climb… The witch could feel her admiration manifest itself in certain other parts of her body. “Bronte-kun…can you still fly when two people ride you?”
              A buzz of approval from the broom greeted the ridge between Kyon’s thighs.
              “Good…there’s something I want Henne-sempai to hear before we descend.”

[Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000 feet up…]

              Henne idly flapped her wings as Kyon rose to meet her. “I see the trip up has made you QUITE eager for what’s about to come next.”
              “Oh yes, sempai…”
              “Well then, let’s get started.” The bird-woman started by lazily doffing her tank top, throwing it to the wind (landing alongside her caution) before curling up her legs to slide the thong off her waist.
              Kyon’s petite chest quivered as she took a moment after taking off her own T-shirt to admire Henne’s freshly exposed D-cups. “Sempai, you’re so…”
              “…I told you you’d find me stunning.” She kicked the thong off her ankle, letting it drift away. “Do you need a hand getting out of your own?”
              “No, I think I’ve already got it…Bronte-kun, if you could keep me centered, please…” Bronte-kun’s broom head shimmered away in a pool of blue light which slowly expanded to envelop Kyon. Once the witch was herself bathed in the warm glow, she removed one hand from the Bronte Broom’s shaft and pulled it away from her legs. Then, while the free hand pulled the waist of her panties downward, Kyon wedged the newly-narrowed broom shaft inside the fabric, letting it extend past the back of the garment before finally tugging them down her legs and kicking them away.
              “That’s a…pretty inventive way to take off your clothes in midair.”
              “I’ve never really felt the need before, Henne-sempai. Have you?”
              “Touche.” Henne drifted closer as the light around Kyon subsided, the Bronte Broom itself completing its metamorphosis into double dildo mode.
              “Henne-sempai…” Kyon slipped one half of Bronte-kun into herself. “There’s something I have to tell you before we begin…”
              “What, that you love me? I’d figured on that for a while…”
              “Not that…OK, well that, and I wanted to apologize for something.”
              “Oh? What could you be sorry about?”
              “That remark about us not being angels earlier…I didn’t realize it didn’t apply to you. The way you rose up here so effortlessly, the way you’re so graceful and yet so firm…only an angel could do everything you do.” Kyon hugged the bird-woman, nestling her head in Henne’s bust.
              “That’s nothing to be sorry about…especially not if you were going to ask if I could be YOUR angel.”
              “H-How’d you know?”
              “Call it a hunch.” Henne’s hips shifted to accept the other half of Bronte-kun. “And the answer is yes.” Her wings folded around Kyon, feathers tickling her back as a sinking sensation began to set in.
              “Henne-sempai! We…we’re falling!”
              “Of course! It isn’t ‘High Altitude, Low Orgasm’ unless we actually get LOW before we come, now IS it?”
              “Hahahaha…oh, sempai…” Kyon leaned in to kiss Henne, their tongues engaging in their own acrobatics as Bronte-kun began throbbing within the duo’s pussies.
              “Hey, Kyon…” The bird lady’s breasts pressed against the witch’s chest as they tumbled through a cloud, water vapor tickling their nipples. “…What do you think it’d take for you to become an angel, too?”
              Aside from me sprouting wings, I…I’m not sure…”
              “Ask Bronte-kun if… *gasp* he can pick up on what I’m thinking…”
              You heard her, Bronte-kun… A second of silence as the broom’s spirit deliberated. “Oh, she wants you to make it so we…”
              “Yeah…*moan* …an angel’s cum might be a good place to start, right?”
              “An angel’s… *gasp* Bronte-kun, if you can make it so we feel each other’s…”
              The broom-dildo’s vibration sped up as it acknowledged, a red glow surrounding the ladies’ linked nethers.
              “AAAAH! OH GOD! I know it’s Bronte-kun, but…this feeling inside me…it could only be Henne-sempai’s…”
              “I KNOW! The thing inside ME right now…it – aaaahh… - can’t just be a toy…it HAS to be Kyon…”
              The two continued to writhe as Bronte-kun intruded deeper into their vaginas, each half being mistaken for some organ neither woman had – and yet was convinced their opposite was thrusting deep inside them. The phantom penile passion progressed perfectly as the pair plummeted, Henne’s plumage shearing off as the two hit terminal velocity.
              “Henne-sempai, I can’t hold it in…”
              “Neither can I…We’re close enough to the ground, so…”
              “All right…please…fill me up…I want an angel’s…MY angel’s cum inside me…”
              “Sure thing…and I want…every drop of…your witches’ brew…inside ME…”
              With their emissions rerouted through Bronte-kun, both girls held nothing back as their hips rocked forward in climax, taking ‘each other’ deep inside one another as their respective honeys splashed against their insides.


              The various laypeople and undead milling about the West Olitoria base scattered as a black, feathery mass plummeted toward the open market, only for those who dared look back to be frozen in awe as the meteorlike projectile unfolded, revealing a blonde beauty and a precocious brunette tangled in one another.
              Catching a glimpse of their new surroundings, Kyon blushed as she withdrew Bronte-kun from themselves and quickly willed it back into normal mode. “N…nothing to see here, folks! Just an angel getting a little frisky with her partner, that’s all!”
              “Delay that, Kyon…” Henne grinned as she examined the object that just fell into her hand. “…Better report that as TWO angels.”
              “T…Two, Henne-sempai?”
              “Well, I don’t remember any of MY feathers being this shade of reddish-white.”
              Kyon swooned into Henne, falling into her mentor’s arms as the bird-woman streaked off for the Northwest Olitoria and their good changes of clothes.



              A nearly-shredded mass of black fabric landed on Kaguya’s face as she lay on the Zeit’s top deck. “Oh? Where’d THIS come from?” She picked it up and examined it, getting a decent glimpse of the garment it was initially intended to be. “Hmmm, if I could get my hands on some sewing equipment…this could be PERFECT for Haken-chan…”
              Meanwhile, a pair of white panties with strawberry pink stripes got themselves caught on Haken-sama’s hat. “Huh? Nobody told me it was raining clothes today…man, some days I just don’t know WHAT the fuck…” He pocketed the underwear for later analysis.

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