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AWHB Stories: Error 00x07

"Oh? What are you doing with my...I didn't say stop!"

Error 00x07
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              “…Hey, Haken-sama.” Aschen leaned over the sofa in the Zeit Krokodil’s rec room, Code DTD-brightened eyes peering over Haken’s shoulder at the book he was reading. “Doesn’t it seem like you’re overdressed for an off-day like this?”
              “I’ve…never given much thought to exactly how much I’m wearing.”
              “Well, it seems a bit wasteful to be wearing all of what you’ve got on if you’re not going out…a pair and a half of pants, undershirt, actual shirt, longcoat, handkerchief, hat…If you’re just gonna laze around, you can get rid of at LEAST two-thirds of that.”
              “Oh? And what exactly do YOU propose?”
              “Follow me.” She skipped out of the rec room, leaving Haken scratching his head…and noticing that he had to take off his hat to do it.
              “Huh…maybe she’s got a point…”

[One trip down the hallway later…]

              “…Wait a minute, this is YOUR room!”
              “…Well, what do you know, it IS.”
              “Don’t play dumb with me, I know you’re above that.” Haken patted down his coat. “So what’s the deal? Wanted to pay Haken-chan a surprise visit or what?”
              “Naaah.” Aschen’s purge armor reformed as she reverted to her default, matter-of-fact self. “Although you COULD say this has to do with me being Haken-chan’s mother.”
              “So why consult with ME on this?”
              “Well, it’s not like you’re two totally different people…Plus, I was sort of reminded of a phase you went through a few years back.”
              A few years back? She couldn’t mean… “I…can’t say I recall such a phase…”
              “It’s been five years, Haken-sama. You still haven’t owned up to that one panty raid.”
              Haken blanched. “Y…you remembered…”
              A-HEM, computerized memory, remember?” Aschen tapped her forehead guard.
              “So why bring it up now?”
              “Well, I figured with your recent ‘condition,’ you’d be more amenable to the punishment I had in mind.” Haken’s hand reached inside his coat. “Oh no, you’re not weaseling out of this one by turning into Haken-chan. Yet, at least.”
              “Clothes off. Now. Everything.” Aschen cracked her knuckles as Haken began to undress. “While you’re undressing, tell me this: when a man goes on a panty raid, what use do the stolen undergarments hold for him?”
              “I’ve…never thought that far ahead.”
              “Neither do any of the others. But try doing so right now – you can’t sell them, because intimates are usually sold in packs and there’s no secondhand market for them. You can’t give them away, because it’d blow your cover. You can’t give them BACK, because then your victim knows what you’d done.” By now Haken was down to his undershirt and undies. “And the longer you hang onto them, the more you wonder WHY you still have them…unless you consider THAT possibility.”
              “…Wearing them.” Haken gulped.
              “Exactly. Women’s clothes are for wearing, and nothing else. But if that’s their only purpose, then it can’t be your punishment in and of itself. Do you understand?” A stark naked, flabbergasted Haken nodded as Aschen opened one of her drawers and withdrew a certain article of clothing. “Then it’s decided - I’ll teach you the joy of wearing Mama’s clothes…as a boy.”
              “That’s…that’s one of your suits…”
              “Why, yes, it is.” Aschen pressed the top of the W-Series Suit to Haken’s chest, sizing it up. “Hmmm…even as a man, your body type is JUST right for my size.” She undid the clasps on the top’s back. “Simple enough: legs into the holes, then arms through the arm holes. I’m pretty sure it won’t generate purge armor for you, but then again it won’t be necessary for what I had in mind.”
              One leg into the suit, then another. Before pulling up the top, Haken slid a hand toward his crotch, but…
              “Oh, no, you’re not doing THAT.” Aschen pulled the offending arm away from his genitals and began threading it into the suit top. “No tucking – I want it to be obvious you’ve got boy parts.” Aschen got her wish as she finished putting the top in place – a nice, four-inch bulge jutted upward from the suit’s inseam, the ridge of Haken’s penis faintly visible. “My, you’re not one for subtlety…Doesn’t it feel nice to wear Mama’s clothes and not worry about who’s looking?”
              “Take a couple steps forward.” The emasculated cowboy obliged, stepping forward with his usual gait. “Not like that…put more emphasis on your hips – make them push forward against the seam as you take each step.” Turning around, Haken took that advice as he walked back towards Aschen. “That’s a good bo-“
              Aschen’s compliment was interrupted by a faint gasp.
              “Well, well, it seems you’ve discovered the REAL joy of crossdressing. Doesn’t it feel good, having this smooth, silky fabric brush against your junk?”
              “…It’s like…my whole body is turning ticklish…”
              “Good…now, make this suit yours.”
              “What? How do I…”
              “Isn’t it obvious?” Aschen guided Haken’s hand onto the bulge in the suit’s black fabric. “Masturbate for Mama…come in her clothes so they can be as dirty as the boy wearing them…”
              “I…I couldn’t-“
              “You wouldn’t disobey your mother, would you? Especially not after it felt so good to obey…”
              “A…All right, Mama…” The hand started rubbing along the length of the shaft, quickly expanding the bulge to six inches, then seven…
              “Mmm…doesn’t that feel better than rubbing one out naked? You don’t even need lube, the fabric lets your hand glide wherever it wants…”
              “Oh God…Mama…You’re right…I’m not sure I could go back to doing it normally after feeling this…”
              “…You don’t have to.”
              *gasp* “I…don’t?”
              “You can keep that suit as long as you like, and I’ll make sure nobody asks questions when we do laundry…Just tell me what your heart wants to say right now.”
              “What my heart wants…” Haken’s rubbing increased in speed. “It wants…to say…thank you, Mama…”
              “Thank you? For what?”
              “For showing me how…to be your daughter…even as Haken-sama…”
              “…You’re welcome. It’s not quite what I expected of you, but…the thought of you wanting to be my daughter as a boy…now it’s gotten ME all excited…”
              “I like seeing Mama excited…does it excite you that…I’m about to come?”
              “Oh, yes! I want to see you come in Mama’s clothes! Let me see your dirty milk stain Mama’s favorite suit!”
              “Your favorite…I’m coming in Mama’s favorite…Ahhh…Aaaaah!” Arrested by the black cotton blend, Haken’s semen pooled in a single damp spot in the suit, the small gray drop at the tip of the bulge leaving nary a clue to how much of his seed was actually shot out and currently oozing down his abdomen.
              “…And another thing – since it stops you from shooting off all over, cleanup’s a cinch.” Aschen bent down, pulling the stained suit to one side as she lapped up the errant jizz.
              “Uhhh…Mama’s tongue is…Are you enjoying my milk, Mama?”
              “Mmm…Oh, yes…it’s nice and salty, perfect for a boy’s milk…”
              “Good…Would you like…more of my milk, Mama?”
              “I’d be delighted…But so quickly after the first time? There’s no way you could pull it off, even with your new clothes!”
              “…There IS one way, Mama…”
              “Wait…You couldn’t mean THAT…”
              “I do.”
              “I couldn’t bring myself to try it again after your first day as Haken-chan. Are you sure you’re ready for THAT?”
              “…Quit calling it ‘THAT’, Mama. It’s your cock…and I’d be lying to myself if I said it wasn’t appropriate for Haken-sama’s first day as your daughter…”
              “Hmmm…perhaps it is.” Aschen opened another drawer in the room’s sole hutch, digging deep inside before withdrawing one of the jet black strap-ons used that fateful day. “Do you have a preference for which hole you’d like Mama to take?”
              “…What, you want only the one?”
              “…Well, it WOULD be much easier doing the one first, then the other.” Aschen slipped out of her own suit, dissolving the purge armor before attaching the device to her crotch. “So would you like it doggy style, or just on your knees, or-“
              “So many questions, Mama! Just let me have it already!” Haken caught Aschen in a hug before sliding down her body, coming to a stop with his arms wrapped around her legs and his tongue caressing the mock shaft.
              Gee, you’re rather eager for this…and this doesn’t bother you a bit, being a man in woman’s clothing hungry for cock?”
              “Are you trying to say I’m gay now, Mama? Because I stopped caring about that a long time ago…All I’m worried about is whether the people I make love with are enjoying it as much as I am.”
              “Then don’t worry, Haken…we’re all enjoying it as much as you are…” His mouth was already upon the tip of the strap-on, coating it with lick after lick of the tongue. “But before I stick this in your other hole, I’d like to know…just WHAT is your secret?”
              Haken’s mouth widened, letting the plastic member loose. “…I was taught by a princess.”
              “Hah, behind every good man is an even better woman.”
              “Don’t you mean ‘inside’?”
              “Wait, what?”
              Haken turned around, settling on all fours and jutting his butt toward Aschen. “You know what I mean, Mama.”
              Grinning from the realization, Aschen peeled the crotch of Haken’s suit to one side and gently slid the faux cock inside his ass.
              “Haaah…it feels so much nicer than the last two times…”
              “…Wait, TWO times?”
              “W00-RAISER, remember?”
              “Oooooh.” She started rocking her hips, grinding the strap-on into his anal cavity. “Do you want the vibe on now?”
              “I’ll…tell you when, Mama…” The bulge was returning to the suit’s bottom, starting slowly but jumping almost immediately from two to five inches as Aschen’s thrusts began to be noticed by Haken’s prostate. “Almost…there…” His left hand rose to cup the bulge. “All right, now!”
              The pulsations from the now fully-utilized phallus coursed through both their bodies, sending shivers across Aschen’s midsection while putting the last bits of girth back in Haken’s cotton-cradled penis.
              “Isn’t this the best, Mama? Doesn’t it feel good to be inside your boy-daughter like this?” His eyelids began drooping as his hand began stroking the suit in time with her pushes.
              “Oh God, yes! YES!” Aschen’s grip on his cheeks faltered as one hand took to teasing her breasts. “I can feel you pulling me in every time I push…And then when you push back…it’s like you’re digging into my pussy with the same dick that’s in your ass!”
              “That must feel so nice, Mama…you enjoying my ass is…making my front feel so good, too!”
              “I think…I know what you’re going to ask…you can do it.”
              “Thanks…again…Mama…” Haken’s strokes quickened, priming the next batch of ‘milk’ for firing. “Are you…about to…”
              “I’m close…so close!”
              “I’m coming right now…please…stay inside me until you…”
              “I will…Aaaaahhhh…”
              Haken’s bum tensed backward as he loosed his second orgasm of the day, pushing the strap-on’s base tighter onto Aschen’s labia. She came within seconds as the vibrations set her folds and clitoris aflame, combining with her breast play to send the waves of bliss across her body.
              Aschen stumbled back from the force of her climax, dragging the strap-on out of Haken’s ass as he tumbled onto his back. “I think that’s…the first time…you’ve ever come outside of Fun Mode.”
              “…Wow, it is…I totally forgot to engage DTD…”
              “…Hey, can you hear anything strange in the wall?”
              “Come to think of it…” Aschen pressed an ear to the wall she was leaning against. “…Is that Kaguya?”
              “…Wanna let her in?”
              “If you think you can handle her…”


              “They’re still going at it…” Kaguya panted as she continued to stroke beneath her dress.
              “Heh…even I’M starting to get jealous…” Suzuka leaned against the opposite wall, fidgeting with the rope belt on her skirt. “Wait, did you just hear a click?” The door folded inward, practically inviting the two princesses inside.
              Stepping into Aschen’s room, the two saw the most peculiar sight: Haken wearing one of Aschen’s suits, grinning madly as his right hand clutched a bottle of ice water.
              “Good to see you girls…Making love to all of you…” He unscrewed the bottlecap and raised the bottle high above his head. “…Is also part of my job.”


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