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LBS Stories: Masaki/Wendy/???

a/n: part of this is autobiographical (and isn't most of this kind of fiction semi-autobiographical? unless you haven't gotten laid, which means you only get your ideas from furniture magazines, how lulz-worthy).

Andoh Masaki, the pilot of the Wind God Cybuster, was currently gobsmacked. Why wouldn't he, as Lune just walked in on him and his erstwhile girlfriend Wendy Rasm Iknart in the midst of a rather heavy make-out session.

His hand was also halfway up the blue-haired woman's thigh, and the moment was ruined.

Not to mention all that effort wasted, it took him a rather long time to get the rather reticent researcher ready to rock and roll (A/N: lol did u c wut i did thar?).

And to top it all off, Lune didn't even gasp in disappointment or seethe in jealously, as she normally did: she just smiled briefly and left.


"You're going back to Earth, Lune-chan?" Mio asked.

"Yeah, I'll be taking a little break for some time before I go back to the Hiryuu and patrol duty. My time here is just about up."

"Zash-kun will not be pleased..."

"Just tell him goodbye for me, ok, Mio-chan?"


"And no Hundred Crack Fist when he accidentally does ecchi stuff, ok?"

"Got it!"


In truth, she had really wanted to leave - the signs that Masaki wasn't really interested in her were already showing, that, and she had seen Wendy reciprocating. Lune never thought they'd actually be physical - part of her was actually cheering her on because of that one time both Wendy and her twin sister agreed that their biological clocks didn't exactly have that much time left.

Given what she had been doing with a certain SRX team member and many other pilots who were fortunate enough to be - how do you call it, filled completely - how could she show her indignance at the whole thing? Yeah, and she was the one who taught most of the other pilots not only how to maintain perkiness in spite of size despite Jupiter's gravity, she also taught them the good old fashioned pubococcygeus muscle trick.

Put those two together, add the recent discovery of "Bakunetsu God Finger" and the result was that everyone spent their free time at Ryusei's.

She smiled as she was looking forward to staying at his place before patrol duty officially began. The android maid he had was also nice to talk to and spar with as well.


"You know, we don't have to do this."

Wendy shook her head. "It's not that I want to do it. I NEED to do it. Tyutti told you how old I am, didn't she?"

Masaki nodded as Wendy's hair suddenly flashed red.

"Then what the hell are you waiting for and get to work! Knock my willing sister up!" Tudy yelled for a while before Wendy took back control.

"I'm sorry about that..." Wendy said. "It's just that Tudy and I... when we both feel the same way, she comes through and speaks for me more often... it's all about both our need to have children..."

Masaki gaped.

"Are you sure it's alright?"

Another flash as Tudy went in control. "I am so gonna get Ismile back and blast you until you decide to get that limp dick up and shove it between my dear sister's legs repeatedly until her eyes roll back!"

"Your sister has rather colorful language," Masaki said.

"Yes, she is rather... forceful..." Wendy answered.


"W-why don't w-w-we pick up w-w-where we left off?" Wendy asked.


"What do you mean?"

"Let's t-t-t-t-take a b-b-b-b-bath... t-t-t-t-together..." Wendy stammered.


Masaki would have been rather bent to know that Tudy was, putting it lightly, disappointed.

I mean, she was the one who got the idea out to shower together, but as they were about to head into the shower itself she gets overwhelmed with shyness as she asks him to turn the damn light off.

Hello? Who the hell takes a shower with the light off? Un-freaking-believable!

To top it all off, not only was the deed done under cover of both darkness AND a rather comfortable blanket, but she was also extremely insecure about her body and started spouting stuff like "you must think I'm old, fat and ugly". One, there was nothing to see; and two, if Masaki did manage to see it, what would he say? Even Wendy didn't know that he hadn't even SEEN a real-live naked woman before!

So in between Wendy napping, Tudy finally did herself and her sister a long-awaited service.


Masaki had a strange dream of groaning and earthquakes... and when he awoke, he saw that Wendy's hair had turned red again, and the woman was doing the naughty dance on top of him.


She let out a long moan as her partner took in the sights and switched from passive observer to active participant. He positioned himself for maximum momentum, gripped the woman's hips with both hands, and began synchronizing his movements to hers.

As it was Tudy's first time too, she didn't last long under this onslaught, and it was her eyes who rolled over as the sensory overload kicked in.

What was even better for the green-haired Masou Kishin pilot was that as this was happening, the redhead started babbling phrases like "fill me up completely", "let's make something together", and the rather crass "knock me up". The delivery of her speech and her contracting caused him to plunge within her as deep as he could, delivering the requisite biological payload to its correct destination.

Hours had passed, and after they had taken a little rest, Tudy had wanted to try something: an insertion via the exit, not the entrance.

She grimaced as though in pain - she had prepared for this sort of thing, but it seemed it wasn't enough. What the heck, she piloted a forbidden masouki and nearly burned La Gias down on a lark, and a simple sexual procedure hurt her?

No freaking way!

She grit her teeth as the feeling went past, and suddenly it was a whole lot more sensual than before. I mean, the mirror, she saw herself with her back arched, her partner behind her going at her with more abandon than before, and her juices scattering at every impact their bodies made.

Faster and faster they went until they could not take it any longer, their mutual high erupting in a chorus of moans, groans, screams and shudders as they reached the pinnacle of sensual fulfillment together.

I could get used to this, but no longer... Wendy, I'm leaving everything in your hands. She lay close to him, clutching him as she slowly relinquished control to Wendy... Wendy, it's your move now. I gotta go...

From that point forward Wendy didn't have any more problems with a split personality... after all, she had another life inside of her to worry about.

And thankfully, Lune did return, and agreed to get married to Masaki under very specific conditions, which he agreed to - after all, the daughter of Bian Zoldark was a veritable animal in the sack, and even he couldn't keep up with her once she got going.

All in all, a happy ending for everyone...

...except maybe for Ryusei, who was still chained to the bedpost and a slave to his harem.

I'm gonna murder whoever came up with that harem anime idea, he thought.


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