Thursday, March 11, 2010

Untitled Shinn/Lunamaria by SEED D Cagalli

By all rights Rey Ze Burrel knew he should have felt relieved.  After all, the threat of The Edel Bernal was gone, the truth of Chimera had been revealed to the world, and the forces of ZEUTH had succeeded in saving the very world from certain destruction.

… He just wished that his mobile suit hadn't been the only one on the Minerva to survive that final battle relatively intact.  Granted, Yolent and Vino were complaining about the damage done to the Impulse and the Destiny, but it also meant he had to keep making excuses whenever Captain Gladys or her XO asked why Shinn had all but locked himself in their room.  It had been almost a week now, and his roommate had only come out in the dead of night to steal food from the kitchen on the ship when nobody was looking.  Rey knew that normally he would have turned his best friend over to get a long overdue “correction” at the hands of Talia, but it hadn't been too long ago that Shinn had been the one knock sense into him after a long and very shameful string of actions.

But tomorrow would be the day.  He'd finally drag Shinn out and make him face the world.  Besides, this was his fault; by now Shinn should have learned that impaling machines through the cockpit with anti-ship swords didn't guarantee victory.  Friendship and favors only went so far, and tomorrow he'd force him to-


Much to his surprise when the only other pilot stationed on the ZAFT warship confronted him about this.  Lunamaria Hawke, current pilot of Shinn's old Impulse.  The girl had made herself scarce in the days after the fighting ended, and for a while Rey had wondered if the same fate had befallen Shinn had struck her too.  But soon enough she began to show herself again, though she hadn't bothered trying to talk to Rey or Shinn since then.

Not until now.

Rey shook his head ever so slightly as he gave Luna a once-over.  Physically she looked the same as far as he could tell.  Emotionally?

... Something happened to you... didn't it?”

Luna was left blushing furiously as she nodded once.

Something that's making you really insecure because you have no idea what's going to happen if everyone finds out?”

Another nod.  “It's... really been touch and go and-”

“Whatever,” Rey sighed.  “Might as well let Shinn know he's not the only one going through this.”

Luna grew even more downcast at the mention of Shinn.  “So I was right.  Shinn's-”

“Just wait and see, Luna.  It's best to try to go into this with an open mind,” Rey said as he led her along.


There was a knock at the door.  Not like Shinn cared.  If it was Trine or Gladys he'd get chewed out again but if he kept his mouth shut they'd just think he was shirking them for stupid reasons.  It wasn't like he didn't have a history of things like that.

He's not going to answer you.  You're going to have to go in there.”

Shinn felt his pulse quicken.  Rey had ratted him out.  He knew his luck had been running out, but he had still counted on having a day or two left to think up something.  And right now his only real option was to just throw all his blankets over him and cower in his bed.  Not like it was going to do any good.

He's right there.”  Rey's voice went from being muffled to perfect clarity mid-sentence.  That meant the door was open.  And any second now whoever he had brought along would-

Is... it okay if you just leave us alone, Rey?  He might get kinda nervous if you hang around.  And I'm pretty sure he's feeling bad enough as it is right now.”

Luna?  Hearing her almost made him look up, but then he paused.  His relationship with her had been awkward enough as it was at first, and something like this would-

The blankets were swept aside in an instant, and then she was looking right at him.  And Shinn could only look at Luna as she stared back in utter shock.

He had changed.  That was obvious.   His hair had grown quite a bit; far too much to be chalked up to just a few days.  It was down to his shoulders, and as Luna continued looking down his body she noticed Shinn was sporting a much more svelte physique and the modest bust that hadn't been there just a few days ago.

Shinn hung his head in defeat.  He didn't want to speak but it's not like it'd ruin anything now.

You... want answers, don't you?”  His voice was a few octaves higher; well out of the range of any man.  “Well... I guess this had to happen sooner or later.”


... Remember when we were being told about the power of the Spheres?  And how they could alter someone?”  Luna knew where Shinn was going; she had sorted through all of this already.  But hearing it a second time... and from someone so thoroughly changed...

I remember, Shinn.”  She reached around and pulled the girl over to her side, resting Shinn's head on her shoulder.  “And The Edel just happened to get lucky and get one last joke in.”  Her own problem could wait at least a little while longer, even though she was starting to feel something begin to stir.

I wasn't even sure how everyone would react.  I mean... what happens now?”

“It would certainly raise a number of questions about our relationship, wouldn't it?  I mean there's all the issues with if you'd be comfortable with gender roles and how I'd feel about doing it with a girl.  It really would make you think about what would happen now.”

“Uh... Luna, please don't-”

Luna turned to Shinn and smiled. “Oh, don't be silly.  You're still you, right?”  She leaned forward and kissed... him?  Her?  Whatever would be the right term in a situation like this.  The point was that poor Shinn needed to know she wasn't alone.  Now if only she could work up the courage to come out and say what was wrong on her end.

It was then that Shinn bowed her as if to say something when it happened.  A shadow crossed her face as she looked up at Luna.  “Luna... don't tell me that The Edel did something to you too.”

Lunamaria's blush returned in full strength and she felt she was right back at that day, scared and confused and wondering why she had a rather uncomfortable bulge in her pants.  Except now Shinn, her Shinn, was looking straight at it.  And through some twisted logic it was making it grow more and more.

Uh...” the pinkish-haired girl tried to laugh weakly.  “I mean... you weren't the only one whose Gundam got damaged in that fight, right?”

That did little to calm Shinn down as she saw Luna shift away from she and start to move towards the door of the room.

I-I'm sorry if this is a bit off-putting, Shinn,” she said.  The sensation was building up even more now and Shinn was going through enough.  They could meet again when they were both feeling better about all of this.  “After all I'm not exactly sure what to do here since I have both-”

Luna was cut off when she felt a pair of feminine arms suddenly wrap around her waist and pull her back into an embrace.  Between that and Shinn's breasts were being pressed up against her back, Luna could feel the thing in her pants becoming as stiff and very, very needy.

It's okay, Luna, it really is.”  Shinn reached down with one hand, the fingers gently moving across her stomach and then reaching the fork between her legs.  “Besides...” even in her new body, Shinn knew just letting Luna leave like that would have been wrong.  She had come here in the first place, trying to be strong and Shinn didn't want her relationship with Luna to end like that.

Lunamaria's voice began to quicken as Shinn's hand slipped into her pants.  Her entire body began to tingle and that was before Shinn's other hand reached up to cup one of Luna's breasts.

If it were you I wouldn't mind having sex with someone with a dick.  I mean, didn't you say just a few moments ago that I was the same as always?  It's the same with you, right?”

Aaaah- yes, I guess you-” Luna's voice grew more ragged as she squirmed in Shinn's grasp.  “I guess you really... really have a point!”

Shinn silently thanked the heavens that Luna was still wearing the same kind of (by now very damp) underwear she usually wore.  She'd tried this kind of tactic back before, though the gasps she was starting to get from Luna were entirely new.  Shinn's feminine body was heating up, bit by bit as her hand neared Luna's newly acquired penis.  And then Shinn finally forced all doubt from her head and took the plunge, wrapping her fingers around Luna's erect penis..

Besides,” she continued to whisper in Luna's ear, “Don't you think it's about time I paid you back for all the times you did this for me?”

The only answer Shinn got was an approving moan as Luna all but fell backwards, relying on Shinn to keep both of them up.  Shinn kept it basic; smooth, gentle tugs up and down Luna's ever-growing member while she continued her ministrations to Luna's right breast.  If Luna wanted it rougher or faster she'd only have to ask, and for the moment Shinn just focused on letting Luna know she'd still love her and not even the new changes would stop that.

Besides, touching that penis was turning out to be quite the arousing experience.

Finally Luna hit her breaking point, gasping and moaning as her body leaned back too far.  As she spilled her seed for the first time, ruining her pants and soaking Shinn's hand in the process, she suddenly found herself falling backwards and hitting the ground, her head ending up being cushioned between Shinn's new breasts.

Peering up through the valley between them, she saw Shinn looking back at her and smiling.

You okay?”

Luna's own smile began to grow a tad more sinister as she felt herself growing hard again.  “Better than okay, Shinn~...” Her arms reached out and grabbed a hold of Shinn's wrists as she squirmed out of her pants as quickly as possible.  It was Shinn's turn to blush profusely, and the color looked ever so cute as Luna leaned up and gave her the most searing and passionate kiss she could.

Once she was sure Shinn had calmed down enough she let go over her arms.  “Besides... if it were you I wouldn't mind trying out my new dick more.”  The resistance Luna got from Shinn stopped almost instantly when she kissed her with even more intensity than before, giving her time to push up Shinn's shirt over her new breasts.  After that she moved her hands lower and promptly began to pull down her lover's pants.

Luna broke the kiss and then gave Shinn the most honest smile she could  “Plus... don't you think it's about time I paid you back for all the times you did this for me?”

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