Monday, March 22, 2010

Priestess of the Underground Spring

I have a bad habit of writing prefaces, if its tl;dr just press the button!

I was originally a smutsmith writing nothing but sex scenes. I've been trying to tone down the sex and up the story, but I haven't been very satisfied with my past couple of fics. Anyway, I'm going to do several test runs to hammer out the style better with a test audience. Here is something quick (as in short) and more in my original style of "no story, just screwin'" to hold you till I get a better feeling of what I wanna go for. It features this lovely lady that needs a lot more love, Kukuru, a super hot one shot antagonist in @2. She has a sexy voice, and a pretty cool mech. Here she is sucking off WHO KNOWS I can't be bothered with that shit. If it makes you feel better imagine its Sanger or futa Sophia or Himika.

Golden eyes gave an intense gaze as Kukuru knelt and fished his half-erect member out of his pants. Smirking with her full, painted lips she led her ivory fingers up and down his length lightly before pressing her mouth to his sack with a kiss and began sucking the testicles gently. The man let out a muted sound of satisfaction as his dick became fully engorged, Kukuru stroking him slightly faster the harder he got. Stroking her silver hair, the man gave a light pressure to the back of her head. Taking the not-so-subtle hint, Kukuru traced her moist tongue along the underside of the man's shaft. As she reached the top she switched her hand to a full grip, instead of the light brushing of fingertips she was using, and engulfed the head of his rod with pillow soft ruby lips. While giving a smile she began to press her wet hot tongue on the head, dragging it in a lazy circle around the edge before lapping at the liquid slowly leaking from the tip.

At the pleased noises the man was making Kukuru began pumping his shaft frantically. He grabbed her hair with both hands and began to lightly press her head while moving his hips slowly forward. Kukuru pulls her head back against his impatient gesture, a trail of liquid hanging from her bottom lip and the tip of his penis, giving an amused expression at his pitiful pleading face. Giving a throaty giggle, Kukuru stops her furious strokes at his base before taking a deep breath, and began devouring his shaft with a wet slurping noise. Her head twists and shakes as his rod slides into her wet mouth, and eventually warm throat until her nose is touching his waist. The man's head lolls back and he lets out a groan, and Kukuru holds her head there, tongue pressed against the bottom of his manhood for a few moments gazing up at him with her intense golden eyes. As his head rolls back around he makes eye contact. At that moment her cheeks dimple and she begins to draw her head backwards at an agonizingly slow pace. A loud slurping and sucking sound fills the area until she was finally clear. Her hand begins quickly pumping again, much faster now that his cock was lubricated with saliva and precum. After a few strokes, she jerks her head forward again, taking him deeply once more. With dimpled cheeks she pulls back, to the head and presses forward again, twisting and jerking her head in order to do so quickly.

This movement continues for a few moments before Kukuru begins to feel a tensing in the man. Knowing climax is near she pushes her head all the way to the base again, and began sucking loudly. She grips his sack with her free hand and begins toying with the balls almost lazily as the man begins a long groan. Kukuru stares up at him as he starts unloading his seed, the hot liquid filling her already crowded mouth. Kukuru pulls back as the sperm continues spraying, and when she clears the rod some strands end up being blown onto her face, one covering her left cheek and eye. With one eye closed, her red tongue licks up the errant sperm around her mouth and face, while she wipes the strand covering her cheek away. Swallowing dramatically she stands up and removes enough of her clothing to shrug out of her robe.

Kukuru takes the man's head in both hands before kissing him deeply, her pale, pert breasts pressing against him. His spent cock slowly begins to harden against her thigh as he kisses her back. One of her hands drifts down and begins to stroke it lightly before she breaks off the kiss. "Round two?" she asks teasingly. The man's grin is his only response as she pulls him to the ground.

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