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AWHB Stories: Error A00x07

It appears I rebound from crises of faith rather quickly.

(FOR THE UNINFORMED: This was written as a response to me realizing the driving force behind my playing up Haken's "raised-in-a-tube" issues into a full-blown Oedipus complex, among other characterization quirks. As such, this fic is Self-Indulgent Author!Haken Tripe. You have been warned.)

Error A00x07
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by (and slightly of) /m/’s Haken Browning

              A rap on Aschen Brodel’s door interrupted her standby routines. “Hmm? Who is it? I’m trying to take a nap…”
              “Miss Brodel…if I could have a moment of your time, please?” The voice on the other side of the door was Haken Browning’s…and yet, it couldn’t be, as he and the Zeit Krokodil’s other residents of note had already set out for today’s adventure.
              “It’s open. Just…try to make it quick, please.” The door clicked open as the interloper stepped inside. Aschen turned a wary eye towards the man who looked like Haken in every way.
              Every way but one.
              “…You can’t be the real Haken. He doesn’t wear khakis.”
              “I wondered how long it’d take for you to realize that.”
              “So what are you, then? An Einst? A W-Series?”
              “…If only it were that simple. You’re familiar with multiversal theory, correct?”
              “It’d betray pretty much everything about my existence if I said I didn’t.”
              “All right. Long story short: I’m from a world where the Endless Frontier and everything in it are part of a video game, I’ve been writing stories of…certain flavors about you guys, and…” The not-Haken began choking up. “…Oh God, Aschen, I’m so sorry…”
              “Sorry? For what, the ‘certain flavors’ of your stories?”
              “Not that, but…should I be?”
              “If ‘certain flavors’ means what I think it means, then no. I’m…actually kind of flattered there’s someone out there turning their perverted thoughts towards ME for once.”
              “That’s…good to know…” A sniffle. “But…I’m not so sure you’d be flattered to know exactly WHY I’ve got such a thing for you. It’s…it’s…Aaaah, I don’t even know if I can say it…” Tears began streaking down his eyes.
              “Hang on, I have tissues…”
              “Thanks…” The not-Haken took one from the box Aschen held out, blowing soundly. Then another. And another.
              “Whoa…this must be serious.”
              “It is…You know how Haken – well, your Haken, anyway – has been trying to count you as his mother lately?” One last tissue to get at the last of the tears.
              “…About half of that was ME talking.”
              “So he doesn’t really-“
              “That’s for YOU to decide. This is just a branch universe of the real deal, as far as I’m seeing it…but I passed by your Haken coming in, as he and the princesses were heading off on their picnic and eventual threesome – something about his eyes tells me he really feels that way, too.”
              Aschen pondered this as not-Haken resumed grabbing tissues and blowing into them. “…So I guess you’re in the same boat as he is, as far as your true parents are concerned?”
              “Pfft, I wish.” The third tissue of this new batch landed in the trash can. “Dad’s all right, but Mom’s…I think I’m about to get the raw end of Haken and Kaguya’s deals, all in one, as far as she’s concerned.”
              “So she’s alive, but…”
              “I keep wanting to say she’s dead to me…” A fifth tissue into the trash, soon followed by a sixth. “She’s technologically inept, watches and listens to only those TV and radio stations that spoon-feed her like-minded viewpoints, sets the most asinine restrictions on when I get to use the computer – the same one I use when I have to conduct ALL of her digital business, mind you – gets the wrong ideas EVERY TIME about what I do with the computer myself whenever she looks over my shoulder…and to top it all off, she’s always so damn LOUD whenever she calls attention to my faults, imagined or otherwise!”
              “…I take it you’re not really Haken Browning in YOUR universe either, huh?”
              “Nope. Just a method actor.”
              “So this whole routine of pornographic escapism…you’ve been trying to use me to replace HER.”
              The tears resumed their flow. “Yeah…I…I’m so sorry…”
              “Well, I can’t exactly complain, seeing as how you MADE this particular version of our world…but I can’t let you get off that easy, either.” Aschen embraced not-Haken, pulling him into a kneeling position as she sat down on her bed. “You’re welcome to come home to this world whenever you like, but…you’re going to have to respect, or at least put up with your real mother. I mean, if it weren’t for her, the part of you trying to be Haken wouldn’t be here, right?”
              “…Right…” Unable to find the tissue box, not-Haken started blubbering into her leg. “But she’s…she’s gotten so much colder as she’s aged. If I just come out and start saying I love her – and trust me, deep down, I really do – I’m not sure she’ll take it the right way…”
              “That’s why I said ‘at least put up with her’. You’ll get your chances to show your affection soon enough – and when you do, just stick to little doses. No need to get mushy…at least, not until Mother’s Day.” Aschen gently patted his head as it nestled in her lap.
              …All right…you really don’t know…*sniff* what it means for me to be hearing this from you…”
              “…You forgot to say ‘thank you.’”
              “Oops…keep forgetting that. Thank you.”
              “That didn’t sound very sincere. Say it the way you REALLY want to say it.”
              “…Is it really all right?”
              “Go ahead.”
              “T-thank you…Mama…” Not-Haken’s arm wrapped around Aschen’s waist.
              “You’re welcome…Haken…”
              “Wait, you’re really OK with calling me-“
              “Eh, it was a wild guess. Do you…consider yourself Haken all the time?”
              “About half. Y’know, work and all…”
              “Your Haken half and your not-Haken half…they still add up to you being one person. And now that the not-Haken half has learned how to appreciate his mother…” A click as Aschen’s suit unlocked. “…it’s only fair that the Haken half get to appreciate HIS.”
              “I…I couldn’t, Mama…not like this…”
              “…I think you’ve earned it, for being so open with yourself…”
              “…Thank you SO much…” ‘Haken’ rose, grabbing Aschen’s lips with his own as a hand tugged the back halves of her W-Series Suit away from each other. The gynoid’s own hands started fumbling for the insides of his overcoat’s sleeves…
              …In a matter of minutes, the two had pried themselves out of each other’s clothing. Now ‘Haken’ lay on the sparsely blanketed bed as Aschen swapped her wire-linked forearms out for a much more feminine pair.
              “Are you sure you want to do it like THIS?”
              “Yes, Mama…every night, I’ve dreamt of just having you press down on me…us sharing each other’s warmth…”
              “I notice you’re not trying to do anything girly like our Haken’s done recently.” Aschen propped herself up atop ‘Haken’, poised to press their naked bodies together at just the right word.
              “…I think you’ve made me more comfortable sharing a son’s love today, Mama.”
              The green-haired woman let her body fall onto his.
              “Aaaaahhh…Mama…feels nice and warm…” A hand pressed against Aschen’s back as ‘Haken’ leaned his head against her breasts.
              “You’re just looking for a couple of good pillows, aren’t you? Just like him…or maybe the other way around…”
              “But this is why I’ve been wanting to be your kid for so long…being up against Mama’s breasts makes me feel right at home…” ‘Haken’ closed his eyes and breathed deeply as his head nuzzled between Aschen’s boobs.
              “Hey, it isn’t naptime yet…Mama needs YOUR body as much as you need hers.” Her hand drifted towards ‘Haken’s’ member – a tad shorter than the real deal, but it’d manage.
              “Do you really want me…inside you, Mama?”
              “…Go ahead, then.” Aschen complied, hips shifting to let her pussy take in all five of Haken’s inches. “Haaahhh…Mama’s insides feel…so hot…”
              “Unnhhh…Haken…thank you…”
              “Thank ME? For what?”
              “Thanks for letting me…do such perverted things…as your mother…”
              “Well, Mama…thanks for not objecting to…us doing these things…as mother and child…”
              “Y-you’re welcome…ahhh, so good…having you inside me…”
              “So good…being inside Mama…”
              Another minute or so of groaning and grinding passed, until ‘Haken’s’ face was sufficiently flush that Aschen popped the question.
              “Haken…are you about to come?”
              “Yes, Mama…feels so full down there…”
              “Will you be coming as Haken…or as the real you?”
              “I want to come as…all of myself…what about you?”
              “The same…I want to come as all the different things I am to you as Aschen…”
              “Then let’s…pour ourselves into each other…our whole selves…”
              “Yes…Ohhh, yes…”
              Mother and son loosed their juices with gusto, their cries of passion echoing across the ship.


              Aschen was the first to awaken from the tangle. “Wakey wakey, sleepyhead!”
              *groan* “Huh…Mama?”
              “Looks like we spent half the afternoon just lying in each other’s arms. As much as I’d like to waste the other half like that, too, you’ve got to get back to your REAL family.”
              “…Well, that won’t take long.”
              “How so?”
              “It might be a bit strange for my real parents, but…I already think of you and Kaguya and Suzuka as part of the family, too.”
              “So you’re thinking of yourself as Haken, still?”
              “What can I say? His is an interesting life…and I’ll be doing what I can to make my other half’s life just so.”
              “Whatever floats your boat…” The two lurched off the cot, Aschen stepping toward the bathroom as ‘Haken’ reached for the box of tissues. “At least now I know who to blame if things get too rough here.”
              “Don’t worry, I’ll do what I can to keep it from going haywire…You and the others just keep on keepin’ on, OK?”


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