Friday, March 5, 2010

Haman/Usso by Shotius Maximus

A story in two acts in which Haman does molest Usso verily, and then mounts him most viciously.

Usso had been fighting for what had seemed like weeks, but even as tired as he was he could still sense an enormous pressure across the field. Gaza-D's littered space as far as he could see, and he had been separated from the League Militaire for quite some time now. To make matters worse whoever was causing that sense of pressure was steadily approaching. Suddenly, a stately voice rang out, smooth and feminine, "I could use someone like you, boy. Join me!" Usso barely got his beam saber up in time to parry a blow. "I'm tired of being used! Leave me alone!" he shouted frantically as the strange looking white mech continued its attack. Unexperienced with this era of technology, he barely noticed the funnels detach themselves from the mobilesuit's skirt, and chop off his suit's arms and legs with precision fire. Several Gaza-D's grabbed the remaining torso and hauled him as they followed the white mech.

Lounging easily in her throne, Haman was wearing her usual close-fitting black garb as they led the boy in. His hands were cuffed behind his back and he exuded a pressure that was intensely familiar. It felt just like HE used to. Correcting her posture, she waved her servitors to bring him closer. "Why did you bring me here?! What do you want from me?! Stop calling me boy!" he complained incessantly. It seemed newtype men never knew how to shut up. "Simply put, boy, I want to rule Earth and space, and I need powerful people to do it. People like you." He was surprisingly cute, a thought that annoyed her. Waving her servitors off, she pulled him into her lap, facing her. "We share a connection, don't you feel it boy?" Her hand cupped his face, and he flushed, stammering more of the usual "I won't be used" dribble. "Leave us," she commanded the servants.

He DID feel a connection to her, Usso realized. The feeling she gave off reminded him of Katejina, and he stopped complaining, willing to hear her out. He was turned around in her lap, head laying back against her collarbone as they stared off into space, Haman talking about her dreams of conquest and why she had them. Usso listened quietly for a time, before something began to irritate him about the way she repeatedly addressed him. "My name's Usso, not 'boy'."

Haman stopped. Usso reminded her so much of HIM, and talking about her dreams to this boy she had never met before while having him helpless in her lap felt supremely satisfying. Absurdly, she felt aroused. Her tight outfit gave away her erect nipples, and she leaned forward a hair and murmured into Usso's ear, "You're not a boy, hmm?" She slid her right hand up his shirt and traced her fingers along his stomach, raising upward to twist one of his nipples between her fingers. His flushed and innocently surprised look sent twinges of desire through her groin.

Haman nipped at Usso's ear gently while she continued her lazy caress of his chest. Her left hand touched his thigh, and felt upwards at a slow pace. Usso gasped when it reached his penis, now pressing against his pants. She pressed against his shaft with the base of her palm, sliding it up and down while her fingers found his balls through his pants and began toying with them. Usso's hips twisted and he continued his gasps as her kisses fell to his neck while she stopped her fondling long enough to unbutton and unzip his pants skillfully. Reaching into his briefs, she pulled his dick out. The tip was soaked with hot precum, and she began to lightly play up and down the shaft with her long ivory fingers. Her left hand thumb pressed against the head, rubbing the precum around the sensitive top while her right hand continued its attentions on his chest. "You're mine, boy." Haman murmured as she turned his head to hers and began to kiss him deeply. Her hand gripped his rod and began jerking it, finished with being gentle. Usso's hips tensed repeatedly as her stroking began faster and slicker as it got lubricated with his precum. He moaned a short, low moan in her mouth as he ejaculated, covering her hand in a warm mess of liquid. Saliva created a strand between their mouths as Haman broke of her messy kiss. "I'm not finished, yet, boy." Usso still dazed from ecstasy was surprised when she threw him onto the floor, and begun sliding her dark gray stockings down her legs.

Haman undid his handcuffs and flipped him over. She ripped off his shirt and began to kiss his chest while her hand returned to fondling his groin. After he got hard again, Haman pulled her top off from over her head, and tossed it to the ground. Haman felt absurdly embarassed as he stared at her stately figure, and approached him quickly. Grabbing his shaft in one hand, she guided him in, letting out a short gasp at the initial press. Usso put his hands on her hips as she began bucking them up and down. Holding her left hand against his chest, she began groping her own breast with her right hand as she rode him, worrying at the nipple. Usso found the mewling sounds of pleasure she made while she used him intensely satisfying and could barely hold himself back from exploding again. As her movements got more violent, she got louder, eventually moaning out obscenities and oaths before eventually calling his name out repeatedly, each time louder than the last. With a final "USSSSOOOOOOO" she clamped down on him hungrily and spasmatically down there, forcing him to a powerful climax. Usso lay there panting on the floor, looking up at her breasts in the air with her back arched dramatically. Haman got off him, cleaned herself up, wiped some drool from her mouth and returned to her usual grace. Even naked, she looked a queen. As she began pulling her stockings up, she looked at Usso and said, "Well, boy, what do you say?"

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