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AWHB Stories: Dairy Farm Raid

The first of two fics commissioned via a grant from the Amahara Association of Dairy Farmers.

Dairy Farm Raid
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              The request was simple enough: rendezvous with the client in the dead of night, discuss the mission, and execute it. Payment was to be 7500 plus expenses and perks.
              Kyon Feulion was starting to get antsy about the client being Princess Suzuka of the Shiki-Oni, the rendezvous point being the Zeit Krokodil, and the mission itself being…
              “So you’re saying you’ll pay 7500, AND my travel, PLUS anything we acquire in the process…for me to help you get some milk?”
              “Do you people just have that sort of money for throwing around’s sake, or what?”
              “Eh, it comes and goes. But you’ll see why I’m paying so handsomely soon enough.”
              The pettanko duo crept across the main deck hallway of the Zeit, hugging the walls as they advanced to the target. “Hey, it’s the ship’s galley! Easiest money I ever ma-“
              “Ssssshhhhh.” Suzuka put her finger to Kyon’s mouth. “We’re not here for any ordinary milk.”
              “But your fridge is right behind that-“
              “First off, it’s technically Haken’s fridge.” A few quick glances left and right confirmed nobody was coming up from the lower deck. “Second, just shut up and follow me, will you?”
              “Hmmmmm…” Kyon pouted as the pair scampered further down the hall.

[Another minute of sneaking later…]

              “Well, here we are.”
              “It’s one of your guest bedrooms. Who’d keep milk here?”
              “…You still haven’t caught on, have you?” Suzuka twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open ever so slightly. “Maybe if you got a closer look at the target…”
              “Oh, fine.” Kyon peered through the crack in the doorway. “…Oh. Oh my.”
              “Mmm-hmm. Y’know, she DID recommend that we do this.”
              “…I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean-“
              “So we’re being kinda roundabout about it. Big whoop. Now then – are you gonna back out now, or are you thirsty?”
              “…I…I’m thirsty.”
              “Then let’s do this thing.” The door into Kaguya’s quarters opened up even further, only to soundlessly close again once Suzuka and Kyon slipped through.
              “…zzzz…mmm, you’ve grown so soft, Haken-chan…” The princess was sleeping on top of her sheets, decency only preserved by the fact that she was wearing her day dress in bed.
              “I’ll explain later. Right now, just concentrate on being quiet and gentle.” Suzuka inched up to one side of the bed, fingers slowly moving toward the top of Kaguya’s dress. “You in position? We’ll have to pull down her top together.”
              “Almost…there.” Kyon’s hand shook slightly as it hovered above Kaguya’s opposite breast. “Will you lead, or should I?”
              “Think I better lead. Remember, BE GENTLE.” The tips of Suzuka’s fingers slowly slipped into the left cup of Kaguya’s dress as the sleeping princess exhaled, and Kyon’s wiggled into the right cup shortly afterward. Another breath later, and the duo tugged them toward her waist, taking care not to abuse the fabric.
              “…zzz…Haken-chan, you’re being so forward…this is more like Haken-sama…”
              “Is she really dreaming that we’re-“
              “Except that he’s actually-“
              “Maaaaybe. Nevertheless, she’s out like a light. Just try not to do anything that would jolt her awake, OK?”
              Kyon stared as Suzuka puckered her lips onto Kaguya’s left nipple. “A-alright…” Licking her lips, the witch hesitantly leaned in to take Kaguya’s right into her mouth.
              “…zzz…mmm…so good, Haken-chan…and also Haken-sama? …But you both can’t be…unless…”
              Suzuka and Kyon’s eyes went wide a split second before Kaguya’s shot open.
              “…Oh? What’s this? …Besides, y’know, attempted rape.”
              Suzuka dislodged herself and scoffed. “Rape? Please, you and I both prefer the term ‘surprise sex.’ And I’ll have you know neither of us were planning anything sexual – we just got REALLY thirsty, and figured some milk would do the job.”
              “Really, now?” Kyon pulled away as Kaguya propped herself into a seated position. “If you really wanted my milk THAT badly, you should’ve asked. But this…making little Kyon skulk about at all hours of the night…it’s about as unbecoming of her as it ought to be of YOU.”
              Tears welled up in Kyon’s eyes. “P-please, forgive Suzuka, Kaguya-sama…”
              “Don’t worry, I will. And you, too. But you’ll have to prove to me that you’ll do ANYTHING for my milk…seeing as how the two of you apparently already will.”
              “Wh…what will we have to do?”
              “Nothing, really…just get naked and kiss each other.”
              Kyon blanched. Suzuka grinned.
              “Oh, come on, she’s not gonna bite or anything. I just…need you two to help warm me up, is all.”
              “Warm you up?”
              “I guess Suzuka never told you the first thing about my milk…” Kaguya reached for the zipper on her dress, prompting Suzuka to wriggle out of her own coat and skirt.
              “…Well? This IS technically fulfilling your contract, even if she’s making it THAT much easier for us…” The Shiki-Oni unfastened her bandeau, throwing it to the side with her other garments.
              “…I guess it’s OK, since I know both of you already…” The witch doffed her hat and kicked off her boots, then raced to unfasten her vest and teddie.
              Suzuka didn’t bother waiting, having already chucked away her fundoshi as Kyon struggled with the last fasteners of her own uniform. Taking Kyon in her arms, she made sure their chests pressed together as she locked the witch in a full-contact kiss. An arm slid down Kyon’s side as the demoness finished the job of disrobing the Orchestral Army operative.
              Long since fully disrobed, Kaguya teased her own pleasure points as the pettanko duo embraced. “Oh, you two look so cute together! Seeing you like that is making my heart flutter…which makes my chest feel so heavy…C’mon, you two, get up here.” Suzuka let go of Kyon, allowing her to slip out of the rest of her clothes before the two climbed onto the bed on either side of the princess.
              “So what’s ‘the first thing’ about your milk, anyway, Kaguya-sama?”
              “Well, it only seems to want to flow when I’m turned on like this…and then it turns me on even MORE when it comes out, and so on. Kyon…Suzuka…I’m already so hot…Please…drink my milk…”
              Propping themselves up doggy-style atop either of Kaguya’s legs, the interlopers resumed their suckling of the princess’s heaving chest.
              “Mmmm, your lips feel so good against my nipples…” Kaguya panted slightly as the first droplets of milk splashed into her attendants’ mouths. “Kyon…this is the first taste you’ve had of my milk…do you like it?”
              “It’s…so sweet, Kaguya-sama…I want more…”
              “Then keep sucking…keep licking at my tits like Suzuka is…” The witch resumed her suction, prompting the next wave of milk to gush forth as Kaguya’s hand drifted to her crotch. “Feeling you two against my breasts is making me so wet down there, too…”
              Kyon cocked an eyebrow.
              “Don’t worry about me; it’s better if I handle my pussy – it makes the milk come out so much richer and sweeter.” Two fingers pinched Kaguya’s clit at the base of her hand, curling into her folds. “You and Suzuka should touch yourselves, too, so you can feel my warm milk all over your body…”
              Kyon glanced over at Suzuka, who was already starting to finger herself as Kaguya’s milk began coming out thicker and faster. It tastes so good…is it really even better if I touch my…my… Not even bothering to find the right word for her nether regions, the witch shifted her weight and freed a hand to stroke her own insides. Was I really getting this wet here from-mmm! So good! She started rubbing more furiously. Ohhh, it’s making it feel like the inside of my mouth all over! Even my head is…getting hard to think…just want to feel…
              Kyon’s muffled moan came out right at the same time as Kaguya’s fully vocalized one. “Ohhh, Kyon…Suzuka…you’re about to come from milking me…Please…Let me come from being milked…Keep sucking on my tits…Swallow all my pervy milk so you can grow big and strong…Ahhh, I’m going to come from being milked! I’m a cow who wants to come from having all my slutty milk sucked out!”
              Suzuka and Kyon’s lips tightened against Kaguya’s nipples as they climaxed within a second of each other, prompting a white-hot jet of milk to shoot down each of their throats.
              “You’re coming from drinking my milk! Ahh…ahh…keep sucking on my slutty cow tits…please…I’m so close…make me…make me c…moo…” Kaguya half-moaned the animal noise as the throes of primal passion overtook her. “Moooooooooo!”
              One last spurt of milk rode the force of Kaguya’s orgasm, pushing against the pettankos’ throats so hard that their mouths popped off her breasts. The last of the sweet fluid clung to their lips and trickled down Kaguya’s areolae as the three slumped onto the bed (or Kaguya herself), gasping for breath.
              “…So good…feels so good to be milked…are you two still thirsty?”
              “So hard to tell...” Kyon rolled off of Kaguya’s leg. “My throat and stomach feel so full, but my body…it wants more…”
              “Heh…mine too…” Suzuka picked herself up off the bed. “But our lovely cow princess needs to rest, so she’ll be nice and full for the next milking. In the meantime, you could come to MY room and we can discuss payment for a job well done…among other things…”
              “…What, the two of US? Together?”
              “I think it’s high time I taught you some magic that goes beyond shooting things with your broom.”
              “Magic, huh…”
              Kaguya’s eyelids drooped as she gazed upon her two milkmaids gathering their clothes and making a mad dash for Suzuka’s room. As she drifted back to sleep, her mind’s eye painted a much more favorable version of the bizarre farm nightmare that had haunted her dreams for so long.
              Maybe sharing her delicious milk wasn’t such a bad idea after all…


(Special thanks to /m/’s Archibald Grims for inspiration and FFN’s Rpgingmaster for precedent.)


              “Kyon, when we fought at Formido Heim and I first gave you that tip on the milk…do you remember what you called me?”
              “Ummm…yeah, why?”
              “Just how much do you know about ‘H-games’ that you could call me a reject from one?”
              Kyon’s jaw dropped. “Uhhh…eheh…”
              “Now, now,” Suzuka interjected, “playing THOSE sorts of games isn’t anything to be ashamed of as long as you don’t get in over your head.”
              “I…ummm…I was just curious about some ‘Visual Novels’ Henne told me about! I thought they’d be like Books on Tape, but…”
              Kaguya scratched her chin. “Well, for certain values, they ARE about the same…”
              “The pictures are nice, at any rate…most of the time.” Suzuka fanned herself. “If you want, I can give you a list of keywords to look out for so you don’t get into the really disgusting stuff…”
              Kaguya glared as the witch blushed. “…You’re betting on the opposite to happen, aren’t you?”
              “Hey, it’s HER fetishes, I’m just trying to make sure she can find what she wants more easily…”

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  1. Up until I read this story, I have to admit I never found lactation arousing......and damn, this is pretty......excuse me while I go take care of something.......

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