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AWHB Stories: Witching Hour

(Direct continuation of Dairy Farm Raid, natch.)

Witching Hour
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning

              Kyon brushed a strand of hair away from her face. “So…exactly what sort of magic were you planning to teach me?” She and her current benefactor, Suzuka, were standing in the latter’s cabin aboard the Zeit, clad in nothing but the pale light of the almost-full moon.
              “Well, first I need to see if you’ve got the fundamentals down pat – making contracts with demons, dancing naked in the moonlight…stuff like that. So far, you’re one-and-oh.”
              “…I think you’ve got me confused for a different kind of witch.”
              “Oh? Because you don’t look much like the OTHER kind. You’re far too pretty.”
              Kyon glanced at herself in Suzuka’s mirror. “To tell you the truth…I’ve never really given much thought to what sort of witch I’m supposed to be. Heck, I’ve never actually considered myself one up until now.”
              “Well, your clothes pretty much SCREAM ‘Witch,’ so I’m a tad confused.”
              “…It was the first ensemble that caught my eye when I joined the Orchestral Army.”
              “Even the broom?”
              “Well…I had to customize that myself.”
              “So you had to make your own broom and figure out how to shoot things with it…that proves you’ve got SOME grasp of magic already.” Suzuka sidled up to Kyon’s shoulder. “But is it actually IN you?”
              Kyon’s heart skipped a beat beneath her underdeveloped chest. “…In me?”
              “Any respectable witch needs to have an intimate knowledge of the magic she’s working with – not just manipulating it, but working it into her very soul.”
              “How do I know? Well, I’m a demon princess and I come from a castle where we constantly need magical assistance to keep up the atmosphere. Do the math.”
              “So you have magic…inside yourself, then?”
              “To an extent. You didn’t think I had specific strings for every single possible movement Jyaki-GUN-Oh can make, did you?”
              The pettankos shared a giggle at the implications of such needless complexity for the gatling puppet’s controls – though Kyon was imagining Suzuka wrapped up in her own fans mid-dance while the demoness herself dreamt of accidentally filling Shuten’s face full of lead with the tug of the wrong string.
              “All right, so how exactly do I make the magic part of me?”
              “The process differs from person to person, mostly in levels of intimacy, but generally you’ve got to take whatever it is you’re using to work it, and form a bond with that object on its terms.”
              “On the object’s terms?”
              Yeah. Me and Jyaki-GUN-Oh, for example, I could feel something within him wanting to dance, so I found the strings and fans and worked day and night for almost three years straight, refining the controls and my own magic until I’d poured so much of myself into him, he could move and dance even without me tugging on anything. I suspect with your broom, though…hey, you DID bring your broom, right?”
              Kyon glanced at the pile of clothing she’d tossed near the foot of Suzuka’s bed as the pair recently absconded from Kaguya’s room. “…Yeah, I see it.”
              “Good. Pick it up and bring it over here.” Kyon complied. “Now, hold it close to you and close your eyes…concentrate on hearing the voice within it…”
              Seconds ticked into minutes as Kyon clutched the Bronte Broom to her heart, clearing her mind as she strained to find the part of it trying to speak to her…


              Five minutes passed. “If you’re not hearing or feeling anything yet, don’t push yourself. Sometimes it takes days or weeks, others it just doesn’t bother speaking to you. I’ve heard of a couple of cases where witches were stuck for YEARS with magically inert obje-“
              “Sssshhhhhhhh…” Kyon raised a finger.
              “Ah.” Suzuka silenced herself as Kyon’s trance resumed.
              Another minute passed before the brunette’s eyes opened once more. “I heard its voice…the voice of a faithful servant…and maybe a bit of a pervert.” Suzuka stifled a giggle. “It’s calling itself Bronte-kun…and it’s worried about how I’m riding it with both my legs on one side.”
              “Bronte-kun, eh? Well, it’s only natural that a young witch have a young familiar as well…Has it offered a solution?”
              “I’m…a bit embarrassed to say…”
              “We’re all shameless individuals here. Go on ahead.”
              “It wants me to ride with it between my legs…and with the trigger handle inside my cauldron.”
              “It…it seriously calls it your ‘cauldron?’ Man, you two really ARE made for each other.”
              “Oh, please…And yet, I think back to how good it felt when we were milking Kaguya…and I feel like I HAVE to do this…”
              “Because Bronte-kun asked?”
              “No…because I want to.” Kyon fidgeted with the broom, positioning it between her legs as the spirit within requested. “Suzuka…is it normal for witches to bond like this?”
              “…I’d say about 30%. But to get this intimate this quick…I’ve heard tales of witches being double-crossed in these situations. If anything feels wrong, just scream and I’ll help you through it, OK?”
              “All right…” Kyon raised the broom upward, checking the trigger safety as the handle brushed against the lip of her cauldron. “…Please…be gentle, Bronte-kun…” The throttle slowly nudged into Kyon’s vagina, propping her eyes wide open from the sensation.
              “Is it…being gentle?”
              “Yes, but…it feels like it’s getting caught on something…”
              “Caught on someth-…Oh my God, I didn’t know this would be your first ti-“
              “It’s all right…It…He says he’s grateful to be my first…he wants to swear his service on my virgin blood…” Suzuka could see a couple drops of said blood soaking onto the main broom shaft.
              “…Do you accept?”
              “Yes! I can feel that it’s what Bronte-kun always wanted…He’s wanted to serve me in all things, not just battle…I want to grant him that wish!”
              “Congratulations, then! You’ve officially earned yourself a witch’s familiar!”
              “That sounds…so nice, Suzuka-chan…I can feel him stirring me up inside…he’s even starting to feel different inside me…better…feels so good to ride Bronte-kun…”
              “Would that explain what’s going on behind you?” Suzuka pointed at the broom’s head, which was slowly dissolving in a cloud of blue mist.
              “Bronte-kun says…he’s changing into a form better suited for me riding him like this…” The rest of the broom head vanished, along with the shaft up to an inch or so sticking out past Kyon’s butt. “He also says he’s grateful for Suzuka’s assistance…”
              “Would you like to…ride Bronte-kun with me, Suzuka?” The blue mist that accompanied the disappearance of the Bronte Broom’s broom parts faded into view around the front of the shaft, curving the gun barrel and mutating it into a shape more suited for making love than war.
              “I’d…be honored, Kyon…” Her own cauldron surprisingly damp with witches’ brew, Suzuka stepped forth to face Kyon and accept the witch’s familiar into her own body. Bronte-kun’s front jammed into her pussy quickly, yet painlessly as a mysterious warmth invaded the demoness’s insides. “Feels so good…maybe we can count this as dancing naked under the moon?”
              “You’re still on that? …But sure, why not…riding Bronte-kun…and dancing with you…so good to be doing both…” Kyon embraced Suzuka as the Oni’s hips ground Bronte-kun further into her own insides, flat chests beating against one another as the retasked broom continued pumping into them. As their bodies continued to writhe, Bronte-kun compensated in ways no ordinary double dildo could, its disappeared mass constantly reasserting itself in accordion-like fashion to keep itself dug into their wombs.
              Overcome by the sensation, Kyon began to tip towards the floor. Suzuka locked lips with her, guiding the witch down gently as their dance moved from the vertical to the horizontal for its final beats. Bronte-kun kept the pace faithfully, not slipping an inch as the duo tumbled downward, thrusting and buzzing ever faster as it awaited its master’s approval…
              Kyon was the first to howl in bliss, her climatic juices soaking deeper and deeper into Bronte-kun. As her mind reasserted itself, she willed Bronte-kun to continue its work for Suzuka’s sake. It obliged, and the Oni came but half a minute later, her body drenched in moonlight as much as it was in passion.


              Basking in the afterglow, both girls stared in awe as the Bronte Broom reverted to its combat-ready form…with a change that piqued Suzuka’s curiosity. “I don’t remember…all that gold trim…”
              “…Maybe it’s because Bronte-kun’s got a little of you in him, too.”
              “Well, I DID have a lot of Bronte-kun inside ME…and it’s not uncommon for two witches to have the same familiar…”
              “…I don’t think he and Jyaki-GUN-Oh will be jealous of one another, if that’s what you were gonna ask.”
              “…Fair enough. Meanwhile, we DO have the issue of an outstanding contract you have with a demon…”
              “…You can keep the money. Everything I’ve felt tonight…I think that’s reward enough.”
              “But I insist! I mean, if you go home empty-handed-“
              “If you feel that way, just wire it to Henne. She’ll understand either way.”

[A couple days later, in Formido Heim…]

              Mission complete, Henne-sempai!”
              “I figured as much, Kyon. But 20,000 from a Shiki-Oni bank account for a contract that only stated 7500?”
              “It appears I really impressed the client, sempai. Anything else you’d like to ask before we begin the…debriefing?”
              “Well, I noticed you decided to fly into my office instead of walking…and that you’re straddling your broom instead of riding sidesaddle like usual.”
              “Yeah, you wouldn’t believe all I’ve learned about controlling this broom…perhaps you’d like to ride Bronte-kun yourself sometime, sempai?”


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  1. Great.....I now have a Kyon-broom cargo ship fetish.......not that that's a bad thing!

    Great story!

    P.S.- Bonus points for Suzuka being included in the fun!