Friday, January 15, 2010

A Brief History of Perversion

Reposting reposts now so I don't have to do them the next time /m/erotica actively engages on /m/.

Below is a semi-comprehensive list of all the /m/erotica threads so far, in chronological order. - Thread #0. Garma Zabi and Linux Black Sarena revive a Latooni imagedump thread that had become the brainstorming grounds for /m/erotica's predecessor, 4chansrwerotica. Aside from outlining a series of events that culminated in Mai using the White Star to inadvertently form Ryusei's harem, it never really got off the ground. - Thread #1. LBS submits our first stories, the13thArcana sets up the blog you're reading right now. - Thread #2. Yours truly evolves from canon consultant into actual contributor. Bots post links for completely irrelevant pornography. - Thread #3. The short one. Nothing important here save the spark behind Britannian Pie. - Thread #3.5. C.C. learns how to love pizza all over again, Ryusei finally gets some CLANG CLANG, and Andy takes drastic measures to vent his ego-stroking tendencies. - Thread #4. Suzuka goes on a sneaking mission, Kyon goes gaga for getting spanked, and Andy crosses the wrong janitor/mod only to be reborn as Tiger Orphenoch Haken Browning. - Thread #5. Tripfriends go on a Time Tripping Ride, Kristi and her hater come to town, and Dethklok's manager declares Time For L-Gaim. - Thread #6. In which the show may be well and truly stolen, hence the hiatus I plan on taking.

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  1. You are a true bro Haken!

    Guess since Job hunting has left me on moot again I'll take over m-erotica once new stories have been made

    THANKS bro!