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Stories from MarsDragon: Ryuusei/Rai

"So in this anime...the Japanese have their own separate colony, and it's literally the islands of Japan in space?"

"Yep! America's a big star, though. I don't know about Germany or any of the others..."

Rai sighed. Coming along and watching an hour or so of mindless entertainment with Ryusei once a week or so wasn't so bad, usually, and he could ignore the idiocy for what came afterwards, but /really/... Then again, it wasn't like anything else was accurate either. He decided to give it another ten, no, five minutes, and maybe he could catch Ryusei before he started another episode.

Five minutes later was apparently into the big fight scene, and any gentle (and not so gentle) attempts to get Ryusei's attention were brushed off with his usual tact and grace of squirming away and whining "Come on, can't you at least wait until the end, when they all sit around talking? This is the good bit!" Rai ended up half-lying on the brunette, sighing and watching the hero scream about his love and anger or something while he tried to kill his brother.

He waited until all the drama and yelling was over before sighing again and wrapping his right arm more closely around Ryusei to make his intentions about the rest of the evening clear. "Are you done yet, or do you need to watch them sit around and stare at the hero for ten minutes?"

"Okay, okay, fine, I'll turn it off." Ryusei fiddled with his D-Con, tossing it casually away into the laundry hamper. "I guess you don't like seeing yourself in a super robot show or something, right?"

"...what? What do I have to do with any of this idiocy?"

"You always sounded like that when you were fighting your brother. All 'Elzam! This is the end!' and 'I'll never forgive you!' and that. Okay, so you didn't get a super mode from it, but you sure could do the lines." He noticed Rai's slowly intensifying glare and raised his hand in a mock attempt to ward off the blows that seemed to be coming. "Okay, maybe not exactly like that...pretty close, though."

"I in no way sound like that at all. If I did I'd deserve to lose." He pushed himself off Ryusei, irritated. It didn't feel worth continuing, now that Elzam had been brought up. Of course, now that he was uninterested, Ryusei wanted to go on, and he was tackled back to the bed as soon as he finished sitting up.

"Come on, I'll apologize if you want. Besides, this is what you came for, right? Don't just leave." Ryusei wrapped his arms tightly around the other man's waist, nuzzling a little at his neck. Rai pushed his face away a bit, but not too hard. He had to admit, this was what he came for. It certainly wasn't the shows, after all. On the other hand, nothing killed moods faster than bringing up family, especially hated members thereof. It wasn't a good thing to encourage.

Ryusei was doing a good job of getting his interest back, though. He kissed at Rai's right hand and curled his fingers into the blond's hair, gently combing it out. Rai had been looking away from the brunette, but allowed the younger man to pull his face around to meet Ryusei's own, smiling in that wide-eyed enthusiastic way he found...warming, almost, and difficult to resist. He closed his eyes and let Ryusei kiss him, pressing him against the bed. He still felt a little annoyed, but Ryusei's comforting heat and weight on top of him did feel rather nice.

"Fine, I'm sorry about bringing up Elzam. I'll make it up to you, promise. That good?" Ryusei mumbled into Rai's ear, adding a few gentle bites and licks to sweeten the deal, though the blond noticed that he hadn't apologized for comparing him to one of the idiotic heroes from his anime, just for mentioning Elzam. But staying annoyed about that took more and more effort every time the brunette moved against him, and after another kiss and some shifting of positions so Ryusei could straddle him without them both falling off the bed he gave it up and wrapped his right arm around the younger man again, pulling him even closer.

"So, you promised to make things up to me. Are you going to or not?" Rai laid back comfortably, his head just barely edging over the foot of the bed. He rested his right hand on Ryusei's side and saw no reason to go any further; just because the brunette had a chance to make it up to him didn't mean he was going to make it easy on the man.

The man in question sat up at that, smiling a little ruefully. "Right, that...huh, not going to help, are you? Fine, be like that, I can take care of you no matter what." The blond bit back a smile at that, though he had to admit there was a bit of truth behind Ryusei's boast. Especially when he undid Rai's jacket and pushed his hands up under the T-shirt beneath, pushing as gently as he knew how across the pale skin that had only recently begun to know unfiltered sunlight. 'As gently as Ryusei knew how' wasn't actually that gentle, but Rai had long ago learned to appreciate the trade between experienced kindness and rough enthusiasm.

And Ryusei was enthusiastic, once he got going. He shoved the shirt up around Rai's neck and set to kissing and licking at the exposed flesh with the same relentless determination he used for Burning PT. The older man's arms were pushed off and pinned to the bed, and the younger spared a hand to brush fitfully across the other's chest, run lightly up the few remnants of surgical scars, and rub at a nipple. Ryusei bit and groped and ground against Rai until the older man surrendered enough control for a few gasps and the beginnings of roughness in his breath.

At that Ryusei finally leaned back a little, watching the other reassert control beneath him. Rai blinked a few times, catching his breath before speaking. "What, was that it? I'm slightly better disposed to you than before, but-"

"Of course not, idiot!" Ryusei ducked his head and looked annoyed. "I was just making sure you could take it. Now, if you're done talking, it would help if you sat up a little. At least it would make me more comfortable." He scooted back at that, giving Rai enough room to sit up and lean against the wall a little with his legs spread out. It wasn't that hard to tell where this was going, and the desire to make Ryusei do the work had been taken over by the need to have Ryusei get on with it.

The younger man pushed forward again, pressing his lips against Rai's in a kiss that attempted dominating, but mostly managed clumsy. It was still enough to make the blond open his mouth a little, and after only a couple teeth-knocking mishaps Ryusei managed to get his tongue inside. He had to slow down then, if only to be mindful of Rai's own teeth and tongue that worked against his. After a long moment during which Rai had to admit that Ryusei had, somewhere along the line, at least gotten pretty good at this part of kissing, they parted, panting. Before Rai could get his breath back this time, the brunette ran his knuckles lightly over his crotch, rubbing gently at the tip through the older man's now rather uncomfortably-tight pants. Ryusei pressing up against him again combined with switching the soft rubbing of the back of his hand with firmer strokes with his palm over and over again forced the blond to press his shoulder tightly against the wall and get a good grip on the edge of the bed with his left hand or risk falling off completely. He wasn't sure how much longer he could avoid it if Ryusei didn't pull back at least a little and fast, no matter how damn good it felt.

Luckily he did pull back, watching Rai with a look of...was he trying to look seductive? Or just amused? The tone of his voice when he spoke seemed to indicate the former, no matter how unlikely it seemed. "Well...ready?"

"Of...of course, Ryusei." Rai made an attempt to sound weary and bored, but it seemed like his voice was already going and it came out much closer to desperation than he'd like. He couldn't tell if his partner had completely picked up on it, but made a mental note to just concentrate on keeping his mouth closed from now on.

Ryusei just smiled as a reply and before Rai could protest the other was already bent down to start undoing his pants, and he decided it was in his better interests to keep quiet at the moment. Until Ryusei was done, at least.

His pants were opened in short order, and while Ryusei was getting them off he used the opportunity to move away from the edge of the bed, ending up near the middle and leaning against the wall while the other curled up in the remaining space. It looked a bit uncomfortable, so Rai started to gently rub his right hand along his partner's tightly curved spine, getting a content mumble in response. He could feel Ryusei's hands spreading his legs a little wider, hot breath on his length, just before his partner took him into his mouth.

Ryusei had gotten better at this too, though it wasn't surprising with all the practice he was doing. The only thing Rai had to do anymore was rub his partner's back, stroke his hair, and lay back to enjoy the ride, all of which he did. The other purred appreciatively under his hands, which in turn sent pleasant tingles all along Rai's spine. Ryusei was taking it rather slowly for him, patiently taking a little more of Rai in every time he moved his head down after pulling back. The pace was almost maddening after the quickness earlier, and Rai had to wonder why the sudden change in Ryusei's performance. It was enough to let him catch his breath, so even though Ryusei was adding in some lovely work with his tongue Rai was able to compose himself enough to ask. "Hey...since when do you take things slowly?"

What he got in return was a dirty look, though Ryusei did stop long enough to answer. "You know, most people don't like their partner talking in the middle of a blowjob." Rai was tempted to ask how many other people Ryusei had been sleeping with to know that but he figured it wasn't worth dragging out the conversation. The other was continuing anyway, "Besides, I thought you liked it slow like this."

"I do, but...it's okay if you want to go a little faster, that's all." Rai had to admit, Ryusei's usual enthusiasm was...nice. Sometimes it was good to just let his partner guide the way and just...be taken. Not that he'd ever tell Ryusei that. The brunette had apparently decided the conversation was over and leaned back down, adding an arm around Rai's waist to draw him in even closer. At least sometimes he listened, even if it was to stop listening. The conversation did have some effect, though, in that Ryusei quietly sped up what he was doing, enough to make Rai start to pant softly and almost enough to make him give a half-choked moan. This wasn't going to last much longer.

It didn't. Ryusei's not-so-gentle anymore ministrations had the expected effect, and Rai twisted his fingers into his partner's hair in instinctive desperation. All this did was encourage the man to suck harder in addition to using his free arm to keep Rai from pressing into his mouth. It didn't do much good even so, but it didn't matter much. Rai jerked a bit and came, barely stifling a small cry as he did. Ryusei dealt with it fairly well, holding still and swallowing what he could. Even if some got all over the bed and some on Ryusei's chin, neither cared that much.

In fact, all Rai wanted to do was lay back on the bed again and relax with his eyes still half shut, enjoying the rare feeling of general well-being towards the world - at least until Ryusei started repeatedly smacking his shoulder. "Hey, don't just fall asleep like you always do! Don't I get something out of this?"

"I thought you were making things up to me. That means we're even, right?" The blond opened one eye to look at his partner, managing fairly well to keep the amusement out of his voice. It wasn't as if he hadn't planned on reciprocating...eventually. But Ryusei was easy to tease like this, and it didn't hurt anything.

"Geez, so selfish...and after I was so nice..." The younger man sighed and leaned back himself. "See if I ever, uh..." He obviously struggled to come up with something Rai was interested in that wouldn't hurt the SRX team by taking it away. "Help you polish the R-2 again?"

"It doesn't need to be polished that much, since I don't get hit and fall down so often that the paint is always scratched. Unlike other mechs I could name..."

"Hey!" Ryusei bristled up suddenly, like a cat. "I've gotten a lot better since the war! Even Instructor Ingram said so."

"Well, that's true." The older man reached out his hand and brushed at the younger's hair to calm him down, which Ryusei eventually shook off. "I don't have to worry about you quite as much anymore. But you've still got a long way to go."

The other humphed irritably, but seemed mollified. And it wasn't as if Ryusei were the sort to ever feel down for long, a fact shown when after a moment of thought, he brightened considerably as an idea struck him. "Hey...after those cracks, you need to make something up to me too, don't you?"

"...I suppose so. I was going to do something for you anyway, if you'd have just given me a minute. But all right, I'll make it up to you however you want." A small warning bell went off in his mind at the 'however you want', but he ignored it. They didn't have the materials around to make a sexy PT costume anyway.

"However I want?" Ryusei perked up, and Rai began to wonder if he hadn't stockpiled a few costumes anyway. He wouldn't put it past the man... The next words didn't help. "Then, there is something I was thinking about..."

Masking the trepidation in his voice, Rai asked "And what was that?"

"This," and Ryusei took Rai's left hand in his own. "You never really use it. So, I want..."

"No!" The word came out louder than Rai had intended as he jerked his hand away from the other...or tried to. Ryusei had added his other hand, and his grip was surprisingly strong. The older man tugged a few more times, with the same result before giving up and looking away. "Ryusei...let go. Please."

"Rai..." There was genuine concern in the man's voice, and Rai could feel his arm being moved, though he still didn't look. "Rai, it's okay. I...I know you don't really like it, but it's still part of you, so... That's why."

He could feel one of Ryusei's hands rubbing at the point a little past his wrist where the metal and plastic met flesh over the dull, familiar ache that was starting again. Most of the time he could half forget about it, but now that Ryusei had brought it up it was back. "Damn it...you can't stop bringing up the things I don't want to talk about today, can you."

"I guess not. But really, it's not as bad as you think. I like it fine!" The blond looked up through his bangs at the other man, with Rai's hand pressed against his cheek and looking thoughtful for once. It was...nice. Almost cute. "...you're probably going to say something about how I like robots, but that's...I love super robots, not cyborgs. They're totally different." It was then Rai realised, though still feeling a little off, that he had to stop Ryusei before he went into an hour-long discussion of the exact pros and cons of every variety of fictional mechanics.

"All right, I get it." It sounded slightly defeated, even to him, and pride, mixed with that odd warmth he got from Ryusei, made him look up and try to at least look like himself again. It did help. The bright smile he got from the other helped too, and it seemed like that ache was receding. Still... "I'll do it, but you don't get to look."

"Huh? Just keep the glove on, I don't mind."

"...it's leather, Ryusei. You shouldn't get it wet." He sighed and pulled Ryusei towards him. "And I can't feel anything with it, so yell if it's too tight or pinching." He noticed the slightly incredulous look the other was giving him, and frowned. "There are mechanics you have to consider, though it seems you didn't think of them at all. We'll need some lotion or something similar too."

"Well..." The brunette squirmed away to grab something from beside the bed, and came up with his usual lube. "This should do. You seem to know a lot about this, though...this how you do it?"

Rai decided not to answer that question, instead pulling Ryusei back into his lap and resting his hands on the younger man's abdomen. "Just close your eyes and don't look."

"Yeah, yeah." The brunette snuggled back against him, pressing his face into Rai's neck. "This good?"

"That's fine, yes." There didn't seem to be anything else worth saying, so the blond set his teeth and got to work. Ryusei had taken off his jacket as soon as they had settled down earlier, so there was only his turtleneck to push out of the way before working on opening his pants. He took it slowly and carefully, repeatedly brushing his hands against his partner's chest, stomach, inner legs, and crotch until the man squirmed and ground against him in impatience. It was fun, teasing Ryusei like this, feeling his hot breath against his neck as the brunette panted and pressed his face further into the crook of Rai's shoulder.

"Get...get on with it, already." The words were tense and Ryusei spoke with some difficulty. He never had been one for patience when it came to himself, and had already taken Rai's right hand in his own and pressed it harder against his own length under the strained fabric of his trousers. Rai smiled a little and barely slipped his other hand beneath the edge of the other's pants, rubbing gently before giving Ryusei what he wanted and opening them.

It still took a bit to fully push Ryusei's pants and underwear out of the way, but eventually the man was fully spread out in front of him. Rai bit his lip as he carefully pulled the glove off his left hand. It usually only came off for showers and sometimes...taking care of things himself. Ryusei had been right about that. Even then, he tried not to look, not wanting to be reminded of the shame of the accident. But if Ryusei wanted it, then...after what the younger man had said earlier it didn't seem quite so bad, as if the pain was further away and lessened by it. It was an effect Ryusei had on people, and Rai sometimes wondered if he even knew how he affected others. It didn't seem like it, and maybe it was better that way.

Rai tossed the glove to the side once it was off and picked up the lube, rubbing a bit on the cold metal of his hand. It was still a little hard to look at, a smaller and slightly more rounded version of a PT's hand stuck to the end of his arm with a mess of wires neatly covered by an extra band of metal. The designers had tried to make it look human in shape, at least, but it was still a painful reminder of the accident. Still, Ryusei...Ryusei had wanted this. That made it almost okay. He could keep telling himself that.

When he gently laid his hand on Ryusei's inner thigh the younger man started with a yelp. Rai didn't remove his hand, it needed to warm up, but he pulled Ryusei a little closer and apologized. "Sorry, I know it's cold."

"No, it's fine, cold is...kind of nice right now. Just warn me first, next time."

Rai quirked an eyebrow at the assumption of "next time", but said nothing, just rubbing gently at the brunette's flesh before the man spoke up again. "I /said/ cold was fine. Would you just get on with it?"

"Forgive me for trying to make things more pleasant for you." The older man sighed, not really as irritated as he sounded, before moving to grasp Ryusei firmly with the metal of his left hand. The younger man grunted and canted his hips upward in response, which was probably a good sign. Biting his lip a little, Rai gently started to move his hand up and down.

Ryusei's right hand grabbed a hold of Rai's as the older man slowly picked up his pace, his other digging into the blond's leg. The older man hissed through his teeth, but didn't bother bringing up a complaint. The way the other was pressing his hips back into Rai's lap and panting hotly into his neck forestalled that. He rubbed a thumb across the tip of Ryusei's length, pressing harder until the other cried out only half in protest. After easing up a little while still continuing to slide his thumb around, he twisted his head a little to murmur in Ryusei's ear, "So, is this what you wanted?"

"Mmm...yeah, it's great. Different. You...you could hold on a little tighter, though."

"I could?" Rai sighed, though he did increase his grip as carefully as he could. "I don't even want to ask how you usually do it..." Ryusei laughed a little at that, though it shifted somewhere along the line into a moan. Rai began to play a little more, sliding his fingers along the underside of Ryusei's length and gently massaging the flesh in-between patient stroking. Ryusei was jerking his hips and panting like he usually did when he was close, and Rai debated dragging this out any longer. It was...surprisingly fun. The lack of feeling made the whole act detached from him, unable to tell how Ryusei felt in his hand, unable to tell more than his arm was moving slightly, even if he knew it was really his mind directing the flesh and metal mix. But that in its own way was useful, taking him away from the act and letting him watch the show Ryusei was putting on just for him. The way the younger man's chest heaved, the way his hair stuck to his face, how his eyes squeezed shut, how his breath caught in his throat, his hands gripping the sheets and Rai's pants tightly, all the details he hardly ever got to notice in the normal course of events. Despite how everything had started, Rai had to admit he was enjoying this immensely.

The rougher breathing and the way he could feel Ryusei's hips bucking more erratically against his own told Rai that the other was close. The older man wrapped his right arm tightly around the younger's waist in order to curtail the squirming slightly, an action that only got a few grunts of protest. Even those were quickly lost in the small cry as Ryusei came, back arched and shoulders digging deeply into Rai's chest. He shuddered a little and sank back against the blond, panting happily and placing his hands over Rai's. "That...that was fun. We should do it more often."

"Don't presume," was the reply, "This was special. And move, I have to go wash my hands."

Ryusei gave a disappointed grumble and didn't move an inch. "Wash them later. This is nice and comfy - hey!" His words cut off abruptly when he was unceremoniously pushed off Rai's lap as the other got up. The brunette rolled on the bed, twisting himself into a position about as comfortable as he had been in. "Fine, be that way."

"Clean yourself up too. I have some work to do, so I won't be coming back here." Rai tossed a packet of tissues from the desk to the bed before adjusting his clothes and heading for the door. "Don't forget we have to get up early tomorrow for simulations and gathering movement data. Don't stay up too late. Good night."

"Night," Ryusei waved sleepily from the bed. "And Rai?"


"It doesn't look that bad. Kinda cool, really." Rai jerked back around to see Ryusei smiling at him, eyes open. He stared.

Later, while Ryusei miserably nursed his sore head, Rai looked at his hand and wondered.

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