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An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning


A splitting headache greeted Haken Browning as he awoke from the previous night’s drunken stupor. That’ll teach me that Kagura Amahara sake isn’t a chugging liquor, he thought as he reached to pull his nightshirt over his breasts.
Wait, breasts?
“THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING. WHOEVER THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO POUR ‘SPRING OF DROWNED GIRL’ INTO MY BOOZE LAST NIGHT, REPORT TO MY QUARTERS IMMEDIATELY.” The message rang throughout the Zeit Krokodil’s intercom system with a cold precision normally reserved for Aschen in “Serious Mode.” Luckily for Haken, there was a prompt response.
*knock knock* “Haken-sama?”
“It’s open!”
Kaguya Nanbu stepped into the bedroom, wearing a sheepish blush along with her trademark one-size-too-small dress. “Eh-heh…I guess I got a little clumsy with the mixers last ni-“
Her confession was interrupted by Haken swooping in for a French kiss. Tongues briefly clashed before Kaguya realized Haken had a hand going for her zipper, and broke off. “Hey, this is no time for a quickie before breakfast!”
“Yeah, well, it’s no time for a quickie AT ALL.” Haken’s newly feminized face seemed to be painted with years of rage that had been hidden behind his male complexion. “I’m not entirely certain whether this was a cheap joke on your part, or a dare from someone else, or even something I asked for while intoxicated. But as long as you’re taking responsibility for it, one thing is certain…” An evil grin played across Haken’s face as she finished disrobing. “…You’re going to teach me the joy of this body. Understood?”
Fear flashed behind Kaguya’s eyes for a moment…but quickly gave away as it became her turn to smile mischievously. “…Oh, I think you’ve got a lot more to learn about the female form than you think.” With that, the princess removed her stockings and began sizing up her newly-female companion. “Hmmm…For all due intents and purposes, you’ve still got a guy’s brain in that head of yours. So let’s start with the first thing the male mind is naturally attracted to.”
Haken braced for impact as Kaguya cupped ‘her’ C-cup chest (a dead reckoning Haken had only learned from going through Aschen’s non-robotic apparel way back when) and started kneading the breasts in a circular motion. “Ehh…not feeling much with this.”
“Of course not. This is just to loosen them up for the main event.” Kaguya stopped pushing and instead idly traced a finger along one of Haken’s areolae. “All the nerves in the breast are concentrated near where the milk comes out, naturally. This goes for guys, too, for some extent, but trust me when I say only a woman can get the full experience.”
“But I thought you could only get milk out of the breasts just after-AAAAhhhh!” The punctuating moan was elicited by Kaguya starting to suckle on Haken, her tongue sloppily prodding ‘her’ nipple in order to test its limits.
“Yeah, it’s normally only supposed to happen for a while after childbirth, but some women just have that reflex tied into their sexual stimuli. And if that yelp you gave just now was on the money…” Kaguya pushed Haken onto the bed with one arm while unzipping herself with the other. “…Then you might be one of the lucky ones.”
“Heh, and I’d been calling YOU the cow all this time.”
“We’ll need a lot more than just random boob play to get any milk out of you, Haken-chan.” Kaguya now straddled Haken with one hand on ‘her’ breast and the other slowly sliding further down. “Now, I’m going to play a few notes on this magnificent instrument we call a vagina. You tell me what works and what doesn’t, OK?” Haken nodded. “All right, let’s start with…the urethra!”
Kaguya barely got her fingertip into the narrow hole before Haken started screaming “BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!” “All right, we can skip the rest of that. Didn’t work for me, either. Now…the clitoris!”
Haken’s pain from the last ‘note’ was quickly replaced with gasps of pleasure as Kaguya lightly pressed ‘her’ love button. “Well, go figure this would work for you. This is basically what your penis would’ve been if your second X chromosome hadn’t been kneecapped in the womb.”
“Wait, you mean I still have my-“
“Sort of. This wears off under hot water and starts back up in cold, after all.”
“Oh, right. Forgot this was magic.”
“And now, let’s see if the last ‘note’ is there for us to play.” Two fingers slipped into Haken’s birth canal, methodically prodding, trying to orient themselves based on the volume of ‘her’ moans as they searched for ‘her’ G-spot. “Even if I can’t find it, it sounds like you’re warming to the idea of things being inside you.”
“AHHhhh! …A-Aschen kinda helped…”
“Suzuka told me all about ‘W00-RAISER.’ Mostly ‘cause she couldn’t tap Circle fast enough.”
“Mmmmm…. I…I think I need a little more in there…”
“You’re insatiable, you know that?” Kaguya slipped a third finger in to join its partners as her other hand started teasing Haken’s nipple once more. “Now then, your final test…tell me where you like it!”
“You heard me! Tell me all the indecent places on your body where you like being touched!”
“I…I like it-“
“Oh, and just for kicks, refer to yourself in the third person and use ‘Haken-chan’.”
“Oh, now that’s just low.”
“Look, do you want to come or-“
“Haken-chan didn’t say that meant she wasn’t gonna do it!” Taken aback by Haken’s strange way of complying with her request, Kaguya resumed her stroking to get ‘her’ in the mood. “Haken-chan loves it in her pussy and on her nipples! And maybe a little bit in her ass, too!”
“Whoa, I think you didn’t need to be that enthusias-“
“And do you know why Haken-chan loves it in those places so much? Because her indecent teacher Kaguya-san loves it there, too!” One of Haken’s long-dormant arms found its way to Kaguya’s pleasure holes as the other anchored her into position for another kiss.
“Mmmmph Mmmhmmm!”
The same evil grin from before returned to Haken’s face as they broke off the smooch. “Yes, Haken-chan is faking it. But it doesn’t matter when she-or rather, I, get to see that look on your face! The look of a lewd princess who doesn’t care what her true love has down there as long as it gets her wet!” Haken’s fingers raced to match Kaguya’s in intensity at that point. “Now then…
[Epic Still Frame]
[/Epic Still Frame]
Sexual juices and a hint of breast milk littered the bedsheets as the duo brought each other to climax and promptly sought the next place or way to keep each other running. For about four hours.
Lying next to each other in the afterglow of their most recent play, Haken and Kaguya broke off one last French kiss. “…I think it’s about time we showered up.”
“Are you saying that ‘cause you want to try something as a man, or because you need to keep up appearances?”
“…Can’t it be both?”
Before Haken could enter the bathroom, however, the bedroom door swung open to announce Aschen in a waterlogged DFC Suit.
“Captain, do we still have hot water? I just finished playing Baywatch to a not-so-beached whale and….Oh my.
“…If anyone asks, I appear to have stumbled upon my own version of Code DTD, understood?”
“Oh, Captain, you know my price for keeping secrets.” Aschen initiated her legitimate Fun Mode and pounced.
Snake pivoted to draw a bead on Ocelot as he expounded upon the tension of manually reloading. “There’s nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well-greased chamber…”
Haken-chan withdrew a hand from the controller to lick ‘her’ lips while idly rolling a dildo borrowed from Kaguya with ‘her’ foot. “Indeed there ain’t, Ocelot. Indeed there ain’t.”

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