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LBS Stories: Lefina/Eun

LBS is leaving a door open for writing the actual sex scene in this fic. Comment if you're interested.

(LBS's note: I do not know Lefina and Eun's exact ages. Can anyone help me?)

For Captain Lefina Enfield, the idea of leading a ship was most of the time, something to be proud of.

Sadly, this time it wasn't.

With the responsibilities of her job and her sense of duty, she found it rather difficult to associate with people of her same age group. She might have shown signs of her quirky behavior with that time they were ambushed at night and had to commandeer the Hiryuu Kai in only her pajamas AND at the party where Excellen Browning managed to press-gang her into that bunny suit.

Well, there was a little silver lining in the dark cloud that was Lefina's situation.

She ended up befriending the mother of a certain hot-blooded mechaphile pilot during her last return to Earth for their routine patrol break. As large the age gap between both women were, Lefina found Yukiko-san to have the same sensibilities as she did.

It also helped that she turned to the older woman for advice through correspondence.

And now, they were sharing a lunch at a rather upscale restaurant and enjoying each other's company.

"So the rumors of Ryusei-kun having not only a robot girl for a maid but also everyone else chasing him are true!" Lefina said, a magnificent blush on her face at the implications.

"Yes... and truth be told, I don't mind. It's nice to see him out and about, even though I originally disapproved of him being... so... energetic," Yukiko replied thoughtfully. "What about you, how is your relationship with that captain going?"

Again Lefina blushed. She didn't want to reveal too much.

"We... uh... when we had the time... we..."

"Go on."

"Well, he couldn't do it."

"Why not?"

"Captain Tetsuya's such a gentleman," Lefina explained, thinking back to that time. "When I let slip that aside from me, nearly every other female pilot on the Hiryuu had already done IT... he said I was pressuring myself and... he backed off..."

"Well, this should give you more reason to respect and love him, right?"

"Yes... but..." Lefina's face was getting red again. "I've been having those dreams more often."

"Oh, I know what you mean," the older woman said, chuckling. "The 'what-the-hell-was-I-dreaming-about-before-I-woke-up-finding-the-sheets-all-wet-near-the-crotch' dream?"

Lefina nodded.

"Before I took up my son's offer to go back into dating again, yes, it happened a lot, and it was usually unbearable... but I stuck through it. That is, until..."

" already told me about Hiiragi-san."

Yukiko shrugged.

"Don't be in such a rush, Lefina-san. Haste makes waste, after all."

The thought lingered with the redhead captain as the two women went through their friendly date.


Several weeks later, in Moon orbit...

Captain Lefina Enfield woke up with the same dream again.

Tangled limbs, tongues going this way and that, fingers, the sensation of finally being filled up completely... the sheer heat and savagery of the moment...

...only now, the details were lost, and the evidence was left.

"A continuous week..." she muttered to herself. She resorted to sleeping in the buff after three consecutive days of those dreams again, and she'd be damned if she let the ship's crew know what was going on.

It didn't help one bit for her to see the former mortal enemies lip-locking in Ibis' room, with Tsugumi standing by very closely and holding a portable video camera, the door to the redhead's room tantalizingly open just a crack to ensure the curious would be able to see and not be recognize. It's as if they wanted to be seen, the Captain thought.

And thus, the Captain fetched her now-clean laundry from the ship's wash room, only to run into Eun, dropping her armful of clothes.

"My apologies, Captain," Eun said respectfully after bumping into her.

"No problem... I was just leaving," Lefina replied as she started picking clothes up off the floor, with Eun following suit.

Eun raised an eyebrow at the lack of certain clothes among the Captain's laundered wardrobe. Then that implies...

"Er... Captain, you've been distraught for several days now. Maybe a little talk can unwind you," she said as she handed the Captain her clothes she picked up.

"Thanks for the offer, Eun," the redhead replied as she breathed out a sigh. "Maybe I do need someone else to talk to about this..."


In Lefina's room, Eun was quick to get to the point. "You don't wear anything when sleeping?"

"Not that I want to, Eun..." Lefina replied. "It's just that every night for a week now..."

"Oh... THAT dream?" Eun asked.

Lefina nodded. How can it be that everyone else besides me knows this?

"Well, you went with me on that double date with Captain Tetsuya and Vice-Captain Eita..." Eun began, "so what did happen then?"

"N-nothing," Lefina answered.

"Nothing?" Eun asked. Why? I mean, I showed Eita the time of his life back then and Captain Lefina doesn't?!

"So you've done IT before?" Eun asked after a rather uncomfortable silence had passed, leading to Lefina shaking her head.

"Not even by yourself?" Another shake of the head.

"Well no wonder you're all wound up!" Eun exclaimed, and went on a lengthy yet informative rant about how women should regularly engage in that sort of activity to avoid certain illnesses of the reproductive system.

"S-so you mean I'll get sick if I don't do that?" Lefina finally asked.

Eun nodded. "B-b-b-but my high school classmates said it would hurt really bad!"

Eun actually laughed at that. "Oh my poor Captain, they really got to you, didn't they?" she asked.

Lefina nodded, and squeaked out a "huh?!" when Eun locked the door to the Captain's room.

"There are many ways to do it without actually getting hurt that way," she said.

"Did it hurt... for you...?" Lefina asked.

"...for all of ten minutes..." Eun admitted. "The guy had an HTB Cannon in his pants!" she added, which got both women laughing at the mental image. "But seriously," Eun finished up after wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, "once that was over, it was wonderful."

Lefina again squeaked in surprise as Eun moved behind her and started massaging the lumps from her Captain's shoulders.

"Relax... I've already done it with a girl, too..." she whispered.


"That's a secret."

The rest of Lefina's experience swept by in a sensory blur.


Several days later, Adjutant Captain Sean Webley was amazed at the change in their Captain - she carried herself with a bit more grace and ease, as if a large burden had been lifted from her.

"Captain, our PT team is requesting permission to land."

"Make it so, Number Two."

"That wasn't too bad for a first time landing with the Boxer, Tasuku," Leona Garstein said over the intercom.

"...yeah, yeah," Shinguji Tasuku replied. "Huckebein Mk. III-Boxer test sortie successful."

"...that's what she said," Lefina could hear Eun mumble.

Sean looked to Eun, then to Captain Lefina.

He understood.

And then passed out from a massive nosebleed.

All the Captain could do was wink at her communications officer, who stuck her tongue out at her.

For once, Lefina Enfield thought that it was good day to be the Captain.

The End!

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