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AWHB Stories: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sheets

20,000 Leagues Under The Sheets
An adult Super Robot Wars: Endless Frontier fanfic by /m/’s Haken Browning


Aschen Brodel was hoping to have a quiet day off.
              While the others in the Endless Frontier’s ragtag band of defenders were supposed to be sleeping off the previous night’s drunken revelry, Aschen had planned to spend the morning on some of Lost Herencia’s remaining oceanfront property, cozying up with a good novel and proving once and for all whether robots could tan.
              Then the Silent Vox surfaced, and Aschen’s hopes were dashed.

*BGM: The Sirena Pirate Anthem*

              “Well, well, if it isn’t EXACTLY who I wanted to see about this sort of thing.”
              “…And why, pray tell, do you need the assistance of a landlubber such as myself?”
              “I need some stress-test input on my newest venture to get Varna Karai back under the waves…or at least rolling in enough dough that being stuck in the middle of the desert wouldn’t be a problem. The plan is simple – we take the Vox down about 200 meters, hook the customer up to a regulator, and-“
              Aschen’s glare of disinterest would have killed a lesser being at that moment. “Underwater sex tourism. Seriously.”
              “And how the hell do you think selling your body is going to help your city’s condition?”
              “Oh, no, it’s not just me. I’ve got a whole crew of amorous sea-nymphs backing me in this venture. But I – specifically – need your – specifically – help testing our new package for customers who don’t exactly need oxygen.”
              “You’re not just doing this to see just how much outer armor I can actually shed with Code DTD, right?”
              Aschen pondered the proposition for a moment. Then she engaged Code DTD and pondered it half a moment more. “Ah, what the hell. No one else is sober enough to play with, anyway.”


              As the Silent Vox approached a depth of 1000 meters, Aschen breathed a sigh of relief that she’d had the foresight to pack the DFC Suit.
              Then she remembered what she was getting into, and wondered exactly how useful it’d be.
              “All right, we’re about five times further down than we take our flesh-and-blood customers. Bonny, stand by to flood the top airlock.”
              “Your fish-man first mate’s OK with this whole operation?”
              “If you’d seen what he did before we started pirating, you’d know he’s comfortable with a LOT of crazy things.”
              As the two entered the airlock, Bonny’s voice boomed through the intercom. “You got Codec or some other emergency transponder?”
              “…I think my Codec only covers the 140-to-141 band.”
              “Good enough. The Vox is on 141.19. You start crumpling, or feeling light-headed, or anything like that, just ping me and we’ll get you back inside.”
              Aschen turned to her host as water started pumping into the airlock. “Good to know you’ve got the safety bases covered.”
              “We kinda like having repeat customers. Any other questions before we’re flooded all the way? Speech doesn’t carry quite as well as other sound under water, y’know.”
              “Nothing besides the ultimate mermaid question, and I guess we’ll be answering that soon enough.”
              The two women shared a chuckle before the water level in the airlock turned air into a luxury. Taking one last deep breath out of reflex, Aschen bobbed her head underwater and prepared to follow Anne into the blue unknown.


              The spot where Anne signaled to stop was almost perfect: a mostly bare section of underwater shelf with enough coral to keep the duo’s clothes from getting lost in the current. Untying the black band that could only be called a bra by merit of its function, the mer-pirate let her DDD-cup breasts float freely as she “hanged” her hat and bandeau on a length of coral.
              Getting into a suitable state of undress was much easier for Aschen; Tier 2 Code DTD dissolved enough fabric that the DFC Suit was reduced to an effortlessly removed spaghetti-string bikini. Now in a perky state to match her C-cup chest, Aschen pushed toward her host and started feeling around.
              A mischievous grin played across Anne’s face as Aschen’s hands started playing further towards her waist. Apparently she was desperate to have the “ultimate mermaid question” answered…but that would have to come in its own time.
              Interrupting Aschen’s search with a prolonged liplock, Anne started doing some probing of her own. The android’s mouth sure didn’t taste anything close to metallic…Just how human WAS she?
              Breaking off the kiss, Aschen tried a different approach in her search for Anne’s erogenous zones. Hugging her tight enough that “Symmetrical Docking” would be in effect were their cup sizes closer together, Aschen’s hands started dancing down the small of Anne’s back…past the waist…Oh? What’s this?
              Anne yelped as her companion’s finger went into an opening far more sensitive than any human vagina or anus (though truth be told, the former was getting wet enough to expose its position on her tail about where it’d be expected). Her blowhole had yet to grow accustomed to things other than water passing through it, on account of it was too close to her dorsal fin for most to bother penetrating. But Aschen was ruthless in her exploration of the cavity, switching from a finger to a tongue as she started to coil herself around Anne’s tail.
              The feeling of the robot’s tongue (was that saliva or…?) sent untold shivers up Anne’s spine, prompting her to not only start fingering herself, but get careless about the oxygen levels in her body. Gasps of air started to expel themselves from the mermaid’s mouth as the pleasure took priority over safety in her mind. Unbound by such limitations, Aschen kept licking at the blowhole as one of the arms used to tie herself to Anne drifted toward attending to her own I/O port.
              In a matter of seconds, all pretense of elegance was lost, and the two ladies became as one erratic, orifice-sucking, finger-fucking mass, driven to reach climax at all costs. And climax they soon did, their various juices suspended as oily bubbles in the ocean water.
              Aschen pulled herself away from Anne’s blowhole to take in the sight, only to see the mermaid trying to suck in water through her mouth as well as her gills. Realizing just how careless the two had become, she sent an SOS ping to 141.19 and started tugging Anne toward the coral where their clothes were anchored.


              Anne came to in a coughing fit several minutes later, barely giving Bonny time to cease the abdominal CPR thrusts.
              “Such a shame you forgot you were more whale than fish…If you hadn’t blacked out like that, I had some plans using my wire hands that you wouldn’t BELIEVE.”
              “*hack, kheck* …I think we got kinky enough down there as is. You do realize that what you did with my blowhole is considered a capital offense in Varna Karai?”
              Aschen’s face suddenly went white with shock.
              “…I’m just shittin’ ya.” Aschen breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s actually the equivalent of giving someone an engagement ring.”
              The terror returned to Aschen’s face before subsiding enough for her to doubt this new fit of outrageousness. “…You’re still shitting me, right?”
              “Yeah. Truth be told, it’s actually a fairly common lesbian practice among our people’s more cold-blooded hybrids. I never thought a landlubber could do it so well the first time, though.”
              “Well, for both your sakes, you might not want to do it this far down again,” Bonny interjected. “Insurance complications and all that.”
              “Yeah, yeah, we’ll cut the ‘artificial human’ package down to 400 meters from 1000 or something.” Anne turned to Aschen as she started making herself decent. “So, you think you want another go after lunch?”
              “I think I’d rather just head back to the surface. Something tells me you’re in no condition to be getting off again on being half-asphyxiated.”
              “Your loss.”


              Exhausted from the trek back to the Zeit Krokodil, Aschen pushed open the door to the Captain’s Quarters. “Captain, do we still have hot water? I just finished playing Baywatch to a not-so-beached whale and…Oh my.”
              The surprise wasn’t that Haken and Kaguya had just wrapped up another quickie, but that Haken had somehow become a woman. And a rather foxy one at that.
              “…If anyone asks, I appear to have stumbled upon my own version of Code DTD, understood?”
              “Oh, Captain, you know my price for keeping secrets.” Aschen initiated her legitimate Fun Mode and pounced.


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