Monday, November 8, 2010

SRW Ero Generation: OG Side Episode Guide

So Couch sent me this during his submission of "Flexible Love," and I must say, it's rather accurate to my own reckoning of the strange canon he, Linux, and myself have concocted. That said, it only accounts for about 80% of the OG-side fics, so here's a bit of a quick breakdown of the rest.

Couch's Aya/Mai fic: As noted by Couch.
 (OG2 concludes)
Primary Colors: As noted by Couch.
(OGS/OGG concludes, Plot divergence A begins here)
LBS's Excellen/Alfimi fic: As noted by Couch.
A-1: LBS's Ryusei/Lune fic: As noted by Couch.
A-1A: Joint Exercise: As noted by Couch.
A-2: LBS's Ryusei/Lune/Lamia fic: As noted by Couch.
(Ryusei's Harem arc begins in earnest on divergence A)
A-3: LBS's Ryusei/Cardia fic: As noted by Couch. Canon-ish to future developments in LKSH1/W00, assuming I can manage to care again.
A-3A: Dial 0617: As noted by Couch.
A-4: LBS's Ryusei/Harem+Aya fic: As noted by Couch.
A-4A: LBS's Masaki/Wendy/(Tudy) fic: Masaki and pals get put on a bus back to La Gias so Lune can remain with the harem full-time.
(Plot divergence B begins here)
B-1: Loo The Dew: Excellen and Kusuha beta-test Futa Genki Drink, narrowly avoid Kamen Rider Yen cameo.
(divergences A and B combine into main plot)
Excellen's Perfect Health Class: As noted by Couch.
V + V = W: Takes place before remainder of unified plot, but otherwise as noted by Couch.
Freaky Friday: Excellen makes Seolla and Ibis swap bodies, with unexpected results for their partners.
Curious Alchemy: As noted by Couch, barring new placement.
Sweetschlickulous: Ryusei and Lamia accidentally beta-test Bodyswap Genki Drink, narrowly avoid SRWQ Katina cameo.
An Uplifting Proposition: As noted by Couch.
Flexible Love: As noted by Couch.
Holiday Bliss: Christmas Special. Can conceivably go anywhere after Dial 0617.

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